What's your biggest secret?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smoky14, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I love bacon
  2. What indeed...
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  3. If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret right? Especially online in a public forum?

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  4. I'm not actually an adult. I'm three kids standing on each other's shoulders in a trench coat. I've been able to keep most people fooled so far...
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  5. I'm not really an asshole. I just act like one to keep people away from me

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  6. It wouldn't be a secret if I mentioned it on here, so yeah...
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  8. Except for that one alcoholic horse, amirite?
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  9. Stoked someone got the reference...
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  10. Is it not famous around here? Final season's coming out soon...
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  11. I know. I'm sad about it being the last season. I feel like it could've gone at least 10...
  12. Same here. Was wondering why there weren't any announcements approaching September and was pretty happy to find an update but that happiness was short-lived when they said it's ending...
  13. If i speak about it then it won't be a secret anymore
  14. I made a very cruel prank call once after a friend pissed me off as a child. I think I was about 10.
    It ended up wasting police time, having his house completely tossed by the police, and his father detained and questioned, and may have given false hope (if they were contacted with a lead) to a kidnap victims family, a girl who later turned up dead. Yeah, I didn't really think about the implications of all that.
    Yes, I was found out. Thankfully...I was too young to charge...Imagine I did this today instead of like 1990 or whatever? I'd have been put away for sure.
    My mother saw to it that I was beaten with sticks a lot for it though, so there's that.
    Yes, I felt bad about it - Maybe not right at that moment as you don't see the extent of things as a child...but some time after...when you get more introspective and you're working your way towards the person you're aiming to become yknow?
    Funny thing...this was SO full circle.
    The thing the friend did that pissed me off?
    He was over at my place, and my mother had come out with some issue with my behaviour, and did her usual thing, shouted, carried on...and I got belted with the same damn stick. Right in front of this kid she's going at it.
    In hindsight, it was probably just nervous/terrified laughter at what was taking place in front of him...but in my mind, he laughed at me and he had to pay...and that's all I could think about while I plotted this whole stupid thing. I...had a rather "interesting" home life...I was never all-out a "bad" kid or anything, I just, there was a few times I acted out a bit more than I should have.

    Did I learn from this?
    Yes...again, not at that very moment, there were more stupidities on my part after that, but in the end? Yes. I got done with wreckless some time ago.

    I don't talk about it to anyone...because even I think it sounds like some psychopath shit. Guess it's a "secret".

    Edit: This was the kidnap victim in question Karmein Chan - Wikipedia
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  15. I crowdfunded for plastic surgery...

    Dark time in my life and I was looking for instant changes to fix all my personal problems. It didn’t work, lifestyle change and self reflection does tho! Thank you Alan Watts, very cool!

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  16. I've put up with many types of abuse for the sake of not being homeless.
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  17. Had mine typed out, then deleted it. Not ready to tell anyone that yet lol
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  18. Same!!
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  19. I’m in love with a piece of 2x4.
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