What's your biggest fear?

Discussion in 'General' started by wilfredsbong, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Lets hear it GC, what's the one thing you dread the most?

    Mine is that I live live in a world that's gone to shit. IMO humanity as a species is at its breaking point; the world is over-populated, stupidity is accepted as a social necessity.. We're at our prime technologically but at the same time, we're more ignorant than ever before. It's painful to watch and I hate it.
    But overall the scariest thing to me is that with our violent, arrogant leaders, that the world may never know peace...

    And go!
  2. Failure and dying alone.
  3. Communists
  4. Them damn commies....
    I love that pic. btw
  5. Falling into a puddle and gettin' eaten alive by sharkz
  6. You should, they are horrible people lol.
  7. i'll 2nd royk's dying alone
  8. This^
  9. i have perpetual nightmares of tornados.
  10. Spiders.

    I don't care about death, doomsday or worst case scenarios. If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen and there's nothing I can do about it.

    But spiders are real and alive right now. They're going to fuck my shit up, I just know it.
  11. Lately? being sober
  12. Parasites or any living things in our body. Not that I have experiences anything of that matter, but its one of my biggest fears. Should have never read that parasite book in 4th grade.
  13. To add to that im also scared as fuck of death. Just the fact that you just cease to exist after a while. Too trippy...
  14. Almost all fear stems from death so...
  15. just between friends... not having a good/close relationship with my son as/when he grows up.

    The experience of death (on certain days)....

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