what's your beverage of choice?

Discussion in 'General' started by Miss_X, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. alcholic or non-alcoholic, what is your facorite thing to drink?

    mine are..........
    alcohol = smirnoff (i know i'm a whimp, but it tastes soooo good!)
    non-alcholic = minute maid apple crannberry raspberry juice

  2. vanilla coke
  3. Root Beer: A & W, Hires or Mug only. Barq's SUCKS!!
  4. alcoholic: Paulaner Oktoberfest
    non-alcoholic: prolly coke

    Miss_X, have you had those Smirnoff Triple Blacks? They aren't too bad, but they're almost too sweet.
  5. alcahol-Budwiser!

    two best drinks in the world!
  6. as french, I am terribly sorry to report that such thing does not exist.
    you may of course deny it, and even be quite ready to defend with arguments and whatsoever, but any good wine amateur will tell you so.


    anyway, when really thirsty nothing beats mineral water.
    I drink Coke, regular.

  7. No i haven't, but i will definitely have to try those soon! ah, smirnoffs....drool....
  8. alcoholic.....bud and jack d

    non alcoholic.....barr's irn-bru..........and it's also known to cure headaches..............Peace out...........Sid

  9. un fortunitly you have no idea..... granted... the french do produce some of the best wines in the world..... region variable....burgandy, borduex.....

    but say that a decent california merlot does not exist is totally incorrect.

    drink a glass of duckhorn merlot and try to tell me that.

    granted california wine are well over priced and over rated...you can find AMAZING bottles of vino if you know what to look for.... borduex style as well, we typicaly refer to them as meritages though....

    and Obliv if you want to try something nice..... next time you go shopping try to snag a bottle of treana... its a california bordeux style red thats well worth every cent. should be up to your par.

    edit: yeah im a big bitch about the wine... but i have a right to be... its my job.
  10. true; i admit i woz being chauvinistic.

    I woz told so by ma dad too. (he is the wine expert in da family. It's always been quite sad for him that i don't drink..

    and it's not mine ..
  11. my fav, and all of you must try this its awsome and simple, take a glass fill it 7/8ths with coka cola and then the other 1/8 with sweet sipping canadian maple whisky it takes like maple coke truly awsome, i also like bailys and chocolate milk that tastes badass

  12. That's the stuff made in PA by North America's oldest brewery right? That is the absolute shit!! My boss gave me a case of it for my birthday (that's a hell of a boss!). One of the best tasting beers I've ever had.

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