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What's your best tip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redhead420, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. weed smells.... if needing to hide it from parents/roommates/authorities make sure to cover the smell.
  2. it's not a good idea to blaze on the roof of a high rise in downtown

    it's an even worse idea when there's 10 of you

    it's a really bad idea to try and do a tribal dance around the trash can fire when you spot the traffic copter
  3. Also don't goob the joint I f'ing hate it when people goob the joint
  4. #24 TelevisedChaos, Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 13, 2010
    Don't ever, EVER, throw a joint into the lap of the next person when you're passing it. One of my friends does this and it's annoying as fuck, doesn't stop him from doing it though. Make sure you're holding it when you pass it on!

    Also, if you're drinking something while you're smoking, try your best not to get the roach wet with your lips (don't dribble!). I've done this by accident in the past and people don't appreciate a soggy joint

    The person who rolls gets priority to first tokes, always. Thinking about this may make you determined to learn how to roll

    If you're toking on somebody elses weed, make sure you're following their desired passing procedure (2 toke pass, 3 toke pass, or just relaxed). Although most people I smoke with now don't really care about counting the tokes, as long as you don't hog it for ages

    Oh and please, if the group you're chilling with contains somebody who doesn't smoke weed, DON'T PUSH IT ON THEM. Sure, you can offer it to them, but if they refuse leave it at that. If you see somebody else trying to pressure them into it, tell them to stop.

    One of the most important tips in my opinion; RELAX & ENJOY
  5. she just wants free weed, she probably doesnt want to fuck you
  6. Dubstep.

    Listen to it.

    Plus i don't care if its not proven, just don't use tin foil/ aluminum foil. It's not worth it.
  7. put filters in joint
  8. Don't look in the mirror or else your fucked :eek:

  9. are you jewish? haha

  10. thats amazingly smart i always hate having to munch on crap when im high
  11. na lol i'm trying to say smoking by yourself is a lot more satisfying. forgive me for not being clear :smoke:
  12. About $10 if i get good service that is.
  13. If you haven't already, watch some porn baked.


  14. Just watch it lol?

    But yes, I definitely agree, although I feel it sometimes kills the high.
  15. ... So just smoke more afterward :D

  16. Ya'know they say this for a few things but not weed...
  17. no joke-looking in the mirror for a few seconds is impossible. Your gonna be looking at yourself for a while. lol
  18. In the words of Douglas Adams, "Don't panic".
  19. Yeah dude have you ever looked in a mirror completely baked? Its a whole different thing....:eek:
  20. don't niggga lip my shit

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