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What's your best tip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redhead420, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I thought I'd start a thread where everyone could offer their tips on pot usage, fun ideas and safety. I'll start with a couple:

    • If you're going to bake or cook while high, have a timer. Otherwise you WILL burn stuff.
    • When your bong stink won't go away, put it through the dishwasher! (totally works)

    Now it's your turn. What have you learned in your interactions with Mary Jane? :smoke:
  2. puff puff pass
  3. If you are somewhere where you shouldn't be high and you suck at hiding it, keep your mouth shut. The biggest giveaway for some people is when they say stupid shit that doesn't make sense.
  4. - When your pipes, bowls and stems start to get really gross and filled with gooey black resin, I've found that the best way to clean them and make them new again is to first boil your pipe or bowl and stem in water on high for about 15 minutes or until enough resin has come off (It call smell pretty bad so have some ventilation). Then for glass pipes, bowls and stems you can add salt and rubbing alcohol and shake until the resin is gone while covering open ends. And for all other types just scrub with dish soap in the sink with a good scrubby.

    *If your glass equipment ISN'T disgustingly dirty, the rubbing alcohol and salt will work perfect... but mine sometimes get pretty bad with friends and people using my stuff so I found boiling is the easiest and best way!

  5. *Also make sure that you can stay awake for 20-30 minutes while waiting for your food to cook. ( I made like 40 chicken nuggets one time and put them in the oven for 15 minutes and they were still cold. So I put them in for what was supposed to be another 5-10 minutes and I fell asleep on the couch. My parents woke me up telling me I nearly burned the house down.)

    I don't really have a best tip. My advice would be to be smart about everything. Think things through. Obviously, I didn't follow my own advice with the chicken nuggets thing. But that's what happens when you fuck up.
  6. know your limit, dont over do it
  7. hold in your hits, not all day but if you'll notice a difference if you've been just sucking in and immediatly blowing out
    (this is the apprentice tokers section lol)
  8. bring water.
    Nobodys gunna think your a pussy for drinking some water after a hit, but they may (mean people that is) make fun of you for coughing your brains out.

    So just bring a drink.
  9. ^ Bring a drink, if the people with you think that it's stupid, they're stupid.

    • Everyone should have a pair of sunglasses for when they're high.
    • Don't Slob
    • Don't Slob
    • Don't Slob
    • Always bring a lighter (or two)
    • Always thank someone if they smoke you up
  10. fuck puff puff pass yo its puff puff keep
  11. def gonna be smoking hella blunts with you then^
  12. :smoke:
  13. Let bud revolve around your life, not your life around bud.

    Also moderation is key.
  14. *Don't be scared to blaze in public! Some people are way too scared - seriously, nobody will call the cops if you're blazing a joint :smoke:
  15. If you're smoking outdoors, check your angles. Can you see roads from your immediate position? If so, then passing cops on said roads can see you.
  16. its amazing what you can get away with if you just don't act suspicious.
  17. #17 hiphopanonymous?, Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    learn to roll a good blunt/joint. Way to many people dont know how also its not paraphenalia if you get caught.

    dont be a weed snob or mooch

    listen to kid cudi just cause lol

    learn to corner the bowl

    if its not your green dont bogart it.

    control the munchies
  18. Never front money or weed to anyone. Read this 5 times to make sure it sinks in.
  19. Take all necessary precautions BEFORE smoking. It's very hard to put all your shit away and try to get rid of the smell when the cops are knocking at your door.
  20. I got another one - put healthy food (like carrot sticks and fruit) right in front of you before you start smoking.

    When you're high they're really good and you'll eat them because they're there. Otherwise, you'll end up eating junk shit.

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