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  1. This just started happening in the last couple of days, 5 weeks into flower. I'm temted to not worry all that much because even though they are not all at the very bottom of the plant, they are all very mature fan leaves, but I thought I'd ask.

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  2. Ok I went and read that thread, thanks. I am still not sure what to do, since I'm 3-5 weeks from harvest, I don't want to transplant. I have 2 gall. pots how much lime should I use, or should I try to find the micronutrients. Or use both, and should I give them a good flush before I do anything. Thanks.
  3. well you didn't really give us much to work on other than the closeup of the single leaf...

    what medium are you growing in?
    what nute line?
    where are you getting your water from?
    whats the PH of the runoff if its soil?
    what type of soil?
    what kind of lighting?
    temp in your grow space?
    is there CO2?
    if you were to flush what water would you be using?
    PPM of the nutes your using and the PPM of the runoff?
    what color are your socks?

    we need more info to really help... you gave the minimum...

    if it was a soil grow and your this far along in your grow, i'd check the PH of the runoff... my guess is its way off... and you have some nute burn going, so a flush might not be a bad idea..... powdered dolomite lime, then a flush... since you have two gallon pots make sure to run a minimum of three gallons of PH adjusted water threw, adding the lime before will help push it threw the soil...

    this is why i'd flush... the burnt tips might be because of salt buildups and the flush will clear it out and the lime will help stabalize the PH

    but of course this all hinges if this is a soil grow... and if your willing to gamble on one guys advice... i'd let others chime in before going ahead
  4. It is a soil grow, and my view on advice, you are giving it to me so I can make a decision. You are not forcing me to take your advice. But let me think about it, you have 5,862 posts (obviously a new guy LOL) I on the other hand have 156 posts. I would be foolish to take your advice.:D I will if nothing else do a full flush. Is it possible to use to much lime?
  5. Some good advice! Take it.
  6. Looks like a Phosphorus deficiency...

    Phosphorus deficiency is characterized by slow and sometimes stunted growth. Leaves overall are smaller and dark green; red color appears in petioles and stems. The leaves may also develop red or purple color starting on the veins of the underside of the leaf. Generally the tips of most of the leaf blades on the lower portion of the plant die before the leaves lose color. Lower leaves slowly turn yellow before they die. Remedy with any soluble P-containing fertilizer. Affected leaves do not show much recovery, but the plant should perk up, and the symptoms do not progress.

    Good luck!

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