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  1. Hi I.have a sick plant. It was a freebie its blim burn caramel cream. I am growing indoors in 11 litre pots in plagron batmix I am running a 250 watt hps and its currently 16" from the tops of my plants. I am watering whrn my pots feel light and its tap water they have been having very weak muted bio bizz grow I hhavent checked the oh of the run off but my other three plants are healthy. The temps are between 74 and 78. There has been a few occasions when my temps have gone above eighty and the humidity is 73%. There's no sign of bugs. View attachment 1211613 View attachment 1211615
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    Gonna need that ph. Also need some pix with lights off. Looks ok as is to me, but I can't really see due to hps bulb.
  3. If in doubt FLUSH with air temp. water 3 x times the volume of the pot allow 3-4 days to recover no food for 2 weeks.....250w HPS with 11 liter pots, is weak, consider  upgrade to 400w/600w hps, allow 1 liter of soil per week, at 11 liter is growth for 2 3/4 months with 250w hps is not enough 
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    It's colour is okay it just looks like.something out of wrong turn it just seems all deformed and skinny conpared to my other plants in the pic the plant that I think is poorly is the one that looks skinny conpared to the other three. I thought ph didn't matteir in soil unless you have hard water.

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