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  1. So after thinking one of my plants weren't going to make it as it just wasnt growing, it's suddenly grown. Happy days. However, looked at them last night, all looks well, then I noticed brown marks on the leaves. Can you tell me from the pics if a) I'm doing things right and b) what the brown marks are. Thanks.


  2. say it with me....

    New Growth New Growth New Growth! :D

    as long as ur plant is growing new leaves it will live

    old leaves get shaded by new leaves etc and will shrivel up
  3. getting a few yellow marks on leaves. is this normal and go with time, or pests or what? also, been vegging for like 5/6 weeks now and the plant is only about 6/7 inches high. is this ok or can i do anything to get it grow taller. want it about 15 inch i think before swapping to flowering.
  4. What is your feeding schedule and what is your light setup?

    Plants look really good though. Those fan leaves are crazy looking. Do you know the strain?

    What kind of water do you use when you water?
  5. Feeding schedule ive just taken the drippers out and started hand feeding. 8ml of sensi grow a and 8ml of b in 2ltrs. Same in each pot. Did that on Tuesday. Will prob do it again tomorrow if it's dried enough.
    I was using a 125cfl 18/6. But wasn't growing tall so just swapped to the 600hps on 24/0. Hoping that will help. Was going veg with cfl then flower with hps but plans have changed haha.
    So does it look good? My first grow so haven't a clue.
    It's big bud mate. And just tap water
  6. You are better off with the 600hps. Your heat is going to increase a lot, you will have to keep an eye on it. I never do 24 hours, I like my plants to have some dark time, they don't need it, but I personally don't believe the extra light makes a big enough difference to justify the additional electrical cost. Plus I like to try to simulate the out door conditions the best I can.
  7. Ye the heat has increased from 75 to 90. How can I drop this?
  8. Is the hood air cooled? Basically fans and venting the hot air out of the grow room. You can raise the light up away from the plants also.
  9. Fans, fans, and more fans.

    Do you have an air-cooled hood or just a wing reflector?

    Are you growing in a tent or a closet/room?

    What is your current fan setup?

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  10. Off work today, nothing else to do.
  11. hahaha :p
    growing in a tent. ducting going into the bottom of the tent, other end is by the window. small fan on the isde of the tent pointing to the light and the tops of the plants. i put my hand by the plants and its cool, just going off the thermometer. got the filter hanging from the top of the tent, ducting goinf through the roof of the tent, attatched to a fan, pointing out of the room the tent is in
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    Fresh cool air into the bottom, hot air exhausting out the top vent. That sounds right... Does the light have a hood on it.... here is what my one light looks like, my plants are small. I will have 2 600watt lights hooked up when they go into the buckets.


    A booster fan on the front of the lights, blowing air across the light.


    Through the 8 inch flexible duct.


    Out the top of the tent into the attic. There isn't a photo of it but I have another booster fan at the bottom vent in the tent for air exchange and cooling. I can get the light at 100 percent 600watts about 18 inches. Temps are about 80. I think there are better photos of it posted on my grow journal. The link below.
  13. Ye I have a reflector on the light. I'll get another fan on next couple of days and put it at the bottom where the air is coming in see if it helps. Thanks
  14. Any ideas what's causing this?





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