What's wrong with this plant?

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  1. What's wrong with this plant?

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  2. Heat stress. And maybe some underwater at an earlier point. I see the coco looks fresh water is why I am saying that.
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  3. Hi due to only the pic to go on i am inclined to to agree wi Diatt above.. wat are ya temps like? X
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    Temps never drop below twenty (although twice they did drop to 15, didn't seem to harm though) and never go above 35. I would say average temp is 30 when lights are on.

    Edit: And the plant has never been so dry as to wilt.
  5. That's too hot. You want air temp max 26.6. For hps best kept at 25.5. Think we are talking Celsius.

    When your that hot it's beating down on the plant. If you had an IR gun you would see they are yelling at you :p. The heat pulls a the water right out off the leaves so that damage is permanent.
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  6. I don't see how I could ever achieve a max temp of 26.6 :( Not on hot days like this.

    It's with three other plants and they are all fine :confusedalt:

    With an IR gun what should the leaf temps be?
  7. Canopy temp 78. Sorry some strains and plants are different. If you run that hot you should add co2 this will help you. Also use silica.

    Or you can look into new lights. Check out cob led units lots of dyi if you are into that. That will bring temps down drastically.
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  8. Should that be on the inside or the outside?
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  9. Yeah inside, sorry that is F not C (google :D) Won't drop your temps, but the heat does allow your plants to take more more co2, and it protects them from the heat or something in those regards. This is a costly route that normally there are 10-20 other things you can do to improve before adding. If you do you need a well sealed room and its an investment.

    I do not know your set up and budget but there are ways of getting this in ideal temps. But that all depends on how things are set up and what type of wiggle room you have. Also I am not sure if you have a fan but you should. Although pushing 86F degree air over your plants can harm them. As it will pull the moister out of the leaves.
    Your plant could also be in a hot spot as well. Depending on what your room is like and whats being ran.

    This is why you should always post every thing about your grow when there is an issue. If you need help to prevent this you will need to post some more information for us.
  10. If I were to replace my 600W HPS with cob led lights, would I just get a 600W one? (I never heard of these cob led lights before).
  11. No they won't be 600 watts led uses way less. It'd be more like 300 watt or 400 watt. Scope Mars hydro

    Mr.Nice's Indoor LED/CFL Grow
  12. So two 300W cob leds (or just a 600W one) would actually be giving out more energy for the plants then just a 600W HPS? Sounds like a good upgrade :)
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  13. Plus saving way more energy and cutting your bill in half as well

    Mr.Nice's Indoor LED/CFL Grow
  14. Sweet, 600W of cob led will be cooler then 600W HPS as well right?
  15. Like you can touch the back of them , so much nicer. Easier to spot out any problems too because of the purple light

    Mr.Nice's Indoor LED/CFL Grow
  16. Here is a link to a 600W one I found but I am shocked by how cheap it is! I think I may have found an inferior light or maybe just the wrong one, is that light I linked to the right one?
  17. According to this a 600W hps light gives off about 90,000 lumens but according to this a 300W cob led gives off only 18,000 lumens. They don't seem to give off more energy, unless I'm missing something?

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