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What's wrong with plant?? In flowering

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xx420stoner420xx, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Hey guys so I have a sativa bagseed growing in my closet under a 150 watt light bulb..
    I first planted it in a 3 gallon pot and it ended up getting almost 5 feet tall now and its 9 weeks old, 4 weeks in flowering.
    So I assumed since it got so big that I should move it to a bigger pot.. And I did to a 5 gallon. Shortly after that the fan leaves completely drooped and wilted though they diseem to change color theyre just a light green.
    Buds seem to keep growing but I want to help it what should I do I really wouldn't like to kill it, this is my first grow

    Thank you guys, any tips will help stay medicated ✌

    PS. the picture is from 2 days ago the leaves on bottom are worse, ill update tmrw IMAG0633.jpg IMAG0631.jpg
  2. Your plant is way too tall and weak-looking because you provided it no more light than you did. A CFL will veg a plant nicely, but when it comes to flower, they're just not strong enough. Heck, that one little light you've got there isn't even strong enough to veg a plant. Everything about a plant, concerning lighting, hinges upon it getting proper lighting for whatever cycle it might be in. You could've and should've had a much more bushy and healthy-looking plant. Because your light was so weak and you had your plant too far away from the light, the plant has stretched and become very tall and lanky. You might get a joint or two off of it if it makes it to the end. There is just way too much that you need to know for anybody to sit here and write you a book. Get on the new grower threads and read all you can. There are many posts there dedicated to the inexperienced grower that contain the basic information that every grower has to know to grow these inside successfully. Information is your friend when first starting out and you need all of it you can get. Looks like you desperately need to spend some time reading up on lighting and potting technique. LOL More light means bigger plants and better buds. By using correct potting technique, you can force your plant to grow foliage faster. Start them out when they're small in Solo cups to confine the space the seedling must root into. The first thing a plant does is form it's root system. The smaller area it has to root into, the faster this process happens and the faster the plant gets back to growing foliage again. Otherwise, the foliage just sits there and waits till the plant has completed the rooting in. When roots are formed, you'll notice that the plant will start taking in water and the foliage starts back growing again. The plant needs no extra water, nutes, etc. while this is happening. If you've planted a tiny seedling in a big pot, you're just going to have to sit there and wait for the root system to develop before it's going to grow anymore. The time to repot or up-pot a plant is when the plant itself becomes larger (wider and taller) than the container it's in. This usually means the plant is slightly root bound and that's what you want before a transplant. Transplant up one size container, again confining the root space for faster rooting in, and all this time you're only giving pH adjusted water (6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows). The pH of your water and feed solution is important because watering or feeding out of pH range will lock up the roots of your plant and it can't take in nutrition. This is just a small sampling of some of the things you desperately need to know and understand BEFORE you start to grow. Get better lights and get some more "grow education" before you start your next trial.

    Your leaf looks like it's just dying off because it's old so no reason to get too upset about it. TWW
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  3. You can't really grow anything under a 150 watt incandescent bulb. Wrong spectrum and nowhere near enough par.

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  4. cant see pics. I would guess not enough light, and not enough nutrition. I think the leaves going limp can also mean dehydration among other things. Havent grown in a while so my knowledge isn't as sharp.
  5. #1 problem is not enough light, as others have said

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