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Whats Wrong With People?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SortaStoner, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Honestly I hate this country. My best bud neighbor called the cops on him last night for smoking weed and now he has like five charges going on him at once. First off, the American populous, like why do they call the police on stoners? Really though were stoners, not criminals. What does someone smoking weed have to do with you? Also on that, what do people gain from calling the police? The air around their house won't smell bad? Is that it? Lastly, the fucking government. Why would they make pot such a fucking problem for people when you got god damn meth heads and bath salts users eating faces off! Now my buddy has jail time and a big fine all because he wanted to kick back and smoke a blunt of what our some stated have labeled "medical"? I just don't get it, I posted this in seasoned tokers because I know mostly all of us as seasons tokers have had our run in with the police. Your thoughts if you wanted to, if you don't that'd cool I just needed to get that out on somewhere other than Facebook lol.
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    I don't understand why people instantly call the cops due to the smell. 
    You're right, we're not criminals. We're tolerant, nice, and down to earth people. If you can smell it, just come by and ask if there's anything we can do to prevent it. I'm positive at least 90% would apologize and actually do something about it. Most of the time, the people smoking don't notice the smell because they're the ones smoking, so it's hard to judge where it's at.
    A majority act like stoners are those creepy guys down the street with the trench coats ready to cap you for any social confrontation, when in reality - we're just everyday normal people. They need to stop being cowards in my opinion, too afraid to deal with a simple problem (with a simple solution) by them-self so they have to call someone else to do it for them and over complicate things. Does getting someone labelled as a felon all because you smelled something that was displeasent in your opinion make you feel big? It's pathetic that this is socially acceptable behaviour.
  3. That's just stupid.. I am so happy I live in CO.  
    My neighbor tried bitching at me for smoking weed on my porch.  I threw my middle fingers up and smoked up.  Do something hoe.  
    Sorry about your buddy man, I'm praying for him.  That's just stupid.. Go egg the neighbors house, I'll buy the eggs.  Sike don't do that.. Two wrongs don't make a right.
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    in low-crime suburban areas especially, people will get nosy as shit and call the police over petty things because they have nothing better to do than look out their windows all day, it's a shame. 
  5. The person should have minded their own business, if it's not harming or reaching them then why the fuck do they care? Just some noisy snitches. 
  6. There are conservative, old fashioned mormon type people in the world. They think that pot is the spawn of the devil and should be erased from society. That's why i live in California. Almost everyone smokes it out here.
  7. I ask myself this lots. I got the po po called on me once but they came in and said to close the front window because the smoke was getting out!
  8. Unfortunately there are still way too many ignorant, righteous people in the world, just waiting to give up a neighbor.  One of the primary reasons I live in a very rural area.  Good luck to your buddy, hope he finds a new place to live!  
  9. People in America suffer from cognitive dissonance after completing their 12 years of government brainwashing education. There's also neurosis in the people caused from a separation from nature.
  10. nah, i think most of the time its retribution.
  11. had to deal with a guy like this at my friends old house, fucker had nothing better to do than start shit with us and call the police.
    the police got tired of dealing with him (whenever they were summoned, they never even checked up on us, theyd just sit there and listen to him piss and moan), then one day he called them and the cop said 'quit harassing these people, get a life'.
  12. People call the cops on stoners out of spite; they're jealous cause they hate having to go to work to pay bills. So they get super pissed when a stoner moves in next to them and they do nothing but sell weed all day. They're like "Wtf, cause I was dumb enough to get a legal job that requires taxes; I'm going to ruin this stoners life because its not fair he gets to sit on his ass all day and still pay the bills!"
    Life isn't fucking fair, get over it. If they really wanna do something about lazy people who get paid, go bitch to the celebrities.
  13. It all boils down to people being selfish fucks who want to unnecessarily try and impose unnecessary bullshit, for a personal gain; whether it be an ethical, financial, or material gain depends on the scenario and person.
    Shit happens. You only take your fight as far as you feel you are responsible for.
  14. cause some people think calling the cops makes them heroes
  15. Because society isnt educated in the topic. The government wont allow that.

    For example my father thinks me smoking weed is the equivalent of if i was injecting heroine. He can not tell a difference... Which makes him retarded like 95.8% of the rest of the population
  16. When you raise people to be cowards like the US does...look at the schooling system man any problem and you can go snitching to the principal instead of dealing with it on your own  :confused_2:
  17. That really sucks. Other people can really fuck up your life if you don't live in a medical state.
    I keep thinking someone is going to call on me cause I sit on my porch or my deck all the time vaping or smoking a J. I've got my card though and it's on my private property. Neighbors just like to be real assholes just because they can.

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