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What's wrong with my wax?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by n4tureherself20, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to share some pictures with you guys to compare the shatter I've been getting for the past month to this new batch my dude just picked up. You can obviously tell which is the better quality but I want to make sure that the darker cloudier wax I have now safe to smoke on a daily basis. When I take a hit of it, it leaves some black residue on my dabber but I'm still getting high. I need to use quite a bit each time compared to the old shatter I was picking up. Let me know what you think :) (No, I wasn't screwed over. I can return it if I want to). 1457703302692.jpg 1457703313871.jpg

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  2. Your pic could be of cat shit for all we can tell. If it works and isn't harsh and doesn't sting your throat or smell off you'll probably be okay. That stuff looks primo compared to some of the tar I've smoked but maybe it could have been purged better.
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  3. I have very little experience with wax and am still very new, but hopefully this info will be accurate.

    Maybe the wax looks like it is in the second pic because there's still some plant matter in it, which I believe isn't toxic or anything. I read somewhere you can test if it's been purged properly or not by taking a VERY small amount and try heating it with a flame while it's on your dabber. If it melts, then it's fine. If it sparks, then there's still a good amount of unpurged butane in it.
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  4. Thank you both :) I just want to make sure I'm not smoking something with toxins. I really appreciate the quick response! It melts when we put it to the dabber

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  5. IMO it looks more like QWISO than BHO.
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  6. I'd dab it...

    I have a buddy who's a big snob (he makes his own co2 wax).
    When I show him some wax he always puts it down, 'throw that shit away' as he hands me some super clear stuff.
    When I ask him why it's bad, he doesn't have a scientific answer other than 'it's impurities' etc.

    Unless someone in a research lab studying it tells me it's bad I don't know who to believe.
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  7. Your shit looks like its on wax paper. It should be on parchment. If its on wax paper your dealer doesnt know what hes doing and I wouldnt trust his product.
  8. I didn't even see that before.
    Looks like the wax can scrape off those creases.
  9. Wax paper is like noob mistake #1
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