What's wrong with my plants

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    They are in promix hp been growing for about 7 weeks. I know the temps are a little high but my main concearn is I fed em nutes about two waters ago they seemed to be doing fine soon after but later became like this is it cuz they are over fed or need more nutes I remedied the temp situation but they need water now and I don't know if I should feed em or not. If they need nutes n I give em water wit no nutes can I give em nutes after. First time growing I know your gunna say start small but I need my medicine.

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  2. My guess. Nutrient lockout due to bad pH. I'm not expert, wait for more opinions. U can Google a plant leaf symptom chart
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  3. Give some info, what you're feeding, and how often, watering schedule, soil, etc, it could be Rootbound, nurtrient problems, over watering. The more info the better.
  4. I had that leaf twisting on two of my clones, turned it to be a oh problem. Transplanted in into my hugulkultur bed and with a week or 2 it took off.....only to be snapped by a fookin basketball smh. One little shoot stayed alive and now it's about 3 feet tall and flowering beautifully
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    Feeding advanced nutes organic iguana juice.

    Feeding every 3rd water, but only fed em once yet a quarter-half recommended amount

    They dry up about every 3 days so I water every 3 days

    Soil is promix hp

    I don't see much roots coming out the bottom of the pot + the problem is also happening on the smaller plants

    It seems like they are using energy from the leaves the leaves are faded then they get crispy.

    Might be ph but my water comes out the tap at about 7.1 and the over flow of the water ends up being about 6.8 after going through the soil

    I only water when the soil is completely dry and the leave are starting to droop which is happening now so I'm wondering whether to water with or without nutes
    [​IMG] this pic makes me think the plant needs nutes n maybe eating itself or something

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  6. Anybody help I need to water soon like now

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  7. Sorry mate; you've got it wrong. Pro mix is soilless media, treat it like hydro not soil. So PH should be from 5.8 to 6.0. Also you need some hydro nutrients. They're starving and suffering from PH issues.

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  8. Thank you brother I didn't know there is a different ph for promix. I really appreciate it

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