What's wrong with my plant?

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  1. Hello, I had to be away for a few days and when I returned one of my plants started turning ugly on me. I had very little time to veg(LST training) her before I put her into flowering due to circumstances out of my control. I was thinking of flushing her but would like to be sure I'm moving in the right direction before doing so. The care for this one is the same as the other plants I have under my care, just this one went wrong somewhere and somehow. Below is the pertinent info needed to make an assessment of what the issue may be. Any questions to anything I forgot, please ask. Thank you.

    Strain - Master Kush
    Soil - FFOF mixed w/ perlite
    Nutes - FF Big Bloom(2Tblspns/Gal.-every other watering) & Tiger Bloom(1teaspn/Gal.-every other watering). Cal/Mag(1teaspn/Gal.-every watering)
    Lighting - 400w hps@12/12
    Feed water - RO feed water is pH adjusted to 6.3-6.8 for all feedings
    Temp Range - 76-85F
    RH% - 30-50%

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  2. How old and days into flowering?
  3. Maybe a month in flowering and a few weeks of veg time under a 400w mh.
  4. I am gonna guess something is locking out nitrogen but idk.

    do you measure your run off ph?
  5. I usually don't measure run-off only due to never having a problem like this before. I guess I've been fortunate up until now. I suppose that would be a wise start. Let me go give a watering and see what the run-off measures.
  6. Ok, after testing the run-off, it was at 5.7.
  7. There you go.

    Some soil guys will be able to tell you exactly what to do. idk but I think we found it.
  8. Ok, well I will await a response then as to how to go forward with it. Thank you for the time and help.
  9. 5.7 is too low.

    BUT, I think your plant looks burnt. What strength are you feeding the nutes at?

  10. The nutes fed are Tiger Bloom at 1 teaspn per gallon. Big Bloom at 2 tblspn per gallon and Cal/Mag is 1 teaspn per gallon. The Cal/Mag is with every feeding and the other two nutes are every other watering. I use RO water, reason for using Cal/Mag.
  11. tblspn measurements are a bit vague. Are you feeding the nutes at the strength suggested on the bottle? Or are you feeding half of what it suggests? See what i mean?

    What strength of what has been suggested on the bottle are u feeding? :)

    For what reason are you feeding cal mag every feeding? Did you have a deficiency? :)
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    Oh yeah, not at all full strength. Tiger is half to 1/3 of bottle recommendations. Big Bloom is half strength. The Cal/Mag is to ensure a deficiency does not happen due to using the RO water. That's been from my research that it's likely to happen if not using a Cal/Mag additive when using RO water. I have read that it's safe to use Cal/Mag for every watering, but I'm not opposed to hear that it's not necessary. I have other plants that receive the same levels and all have responded with no problems. That's the only reason why I'm baffled that this one plant ran this course.

    The Cal/Mag is 1 teasp and that is at full strength as I've been told is safe.
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    With all due respect to f4f, I would bet my penis it's nitrogen deficiency locked out because of the low pH.

    please get a 3rd opinion before you start fucking up your nutes.
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    I didn't advise him to fuck up his nutes, I asked him about his nutes.

    The cal mag is fine op, I just wondered. :)

    Edited to add chart:
    So given that you are not feeding full strength I would agree that you are suffering from a lockout due to your low pH, Potassium or phosphorous perhaps, hope this chart helps as a ref for ya. :)


    Fix your pH before you feed any more nutes. :wave:
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    I didnt mean to insinuate you did. Seriously, respectfully.

    :wave: :smoke:

    I gave you some rep for the misunderstanding, not that you needed it, but ...
  16. I'm not here to create tension between the two of you. I'm quite thankful for the interest and concern by both. I'm just simply concerned over what can be done to see her back to good health. And I truly mean no disrespect to either party by not wanting to have any tension between you two over this. I understand that many have opinions that have been proven wrong by others or has been questioned by fellow members, but myself, I'm not looking to discredit anyone on the knowledge and experience in this area, as I'm seeking help and advice on it. Hopefully I'm coming across kindly with what I've wrote here.

  17. Op, you have done nothing wrong. :)

    I do actually disagree partiallly with I have this's diagnosis, but I ain't pitching my opinion against someone who's willing to bet their penis. :p;)

    Hope you get it sorted Soap. :):wave:
  18. No you're fine, it's me. I tend to come across blunt and rude on the interwebs at times, which is why I make a point to apologize and clear the air.

  19. No tension here bro, I'm a low temperature kinda gal. ;) My only motivation is to help peeps have healthy plants, same as you. :hello::wave:
  20. Right on to both of you on handling it with care and respect. I will rep both of you for being good about this, not saying that my start-up rep will have any real impact but to know that my thoughts of appreciation are sincere.

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