Whats wrong with my plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by andres2, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. i have a plant in a hydro system and the leaves are starting to turn yellow at top dont kno wats rong

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  2. tops are what receive water first so if its recent then you should def. change your water. its prolly either lights burning or nutes but most luikely nutes. change water and add less nutes like im talkin 1/3 of what u used first. plants look good tho other then those leaves yellowed. try this and let me know how it goes shoot me a message.:smoking:
  3. thnks ima try dumping out the water nd putig les nutes
  4. wots yr temperature like?
  5. Look's like probable light burn to me. What light you using and how close is it?
  6. the temp is 60 degress and the light is aabout 5 inches AWaY floresent
  7. def. not lights burning it. its gotta be the nutes. or it could b SRDS(Sudden Reefer Death Syndrome) had that happen b4. perfectly healthy plant die overnight. shit sucks ass.....but it was good bud even tho it was about 5-6 weeks in
  8. That's a bit cold, What does it drop to when the light is off? Should be 72-78F on and 60-65 lights off.
  9. i doubt it would stunt the growth tho. plants can live in temps down to like 45 it just turns them more purpleish color. wouldnt have any effect on the yellowing leaves
  10. it gets down to around 50 45 around there
  11. i think it should b fine. more of a colder climate for the plant but its fine.
  12. definitely not light burn with flouros

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