Whats wrong with my plant??

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    So I am starting week three in the bubble bucket using Rumple's plans, but my plant is showing reddish leaves and drooping. I only have a 42w and 67w CFLs right now but am about to get 400w mh/hps light. My pH is 6.0 and 700 ppm using pure blend pro grow (2tbsp/gal) Do you think HID lighting will help the plant or is it some other problem?

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  2. Yor low watt lights are fine in veg.....as far as all the nutrients go I always use half of what it calls for when im in hydro ...and during veg my ph is about 660. The bubble bucket ....do the roots always hang in the water?
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    yea my roots have reached the water and will remain submerged for the plants entire life.
  4. are you airrating your water, maybe its lack of oxygen for the roots....

  5. Yea I have 2 airstones and the pump is running 24/7. My roots actually look really great.

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  6. How many plants do you have?, general rule is 100W for one plant 50W every additional.

    Also what strength nutes are you using, like the person said above half-strength is what he uses, but i've even heard 1/4 strength in the very beginning which is what nute stage you are in currently.

    Besides that i cant think of what else it could be, possible deficency or opposite.
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    It's just one plant. I think you are right about the over-nuting. I am about to go into the transition nutrient stage where the feeding schedule says to add 1tbsp grow and 1 tbsp bloom per gallon; What do you think would be an appropriate dosage considering the feeding schedule has possibly led to overfeeding so far? If possible throw out a ppm for me to check.
  8. At that stage I usually do it at no more than 300ppm, lower your nutrients down, pH of 6 sounds ok, ventilation ?
  9. From my research, lack of phosphate can cause a red tinge to plants on occasion. Make sure Ph is good and everything is balanced. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone, I flushed and re-nuted tonight with a little under half the suggested quantity (1/2 tbsp grow + 1/2 tbsp bloom) per gallon distilled water. I pH balanced to 6 and ppm read 240. I may add more nutes in the next few days depending on how things turn out. Hopefully it will improve but I'll keep posting to let everyone know.

    Oh one more question; someone was asking about my ventilation... I have a fan in the grow room which is directed at the wall, blowing just over the plant at low setting. Is this adequate ventilation? (is it ok that the plant isnt getting fresh air, just recycled?)
  11. Is that fan always blowing directly on the plant?

    Check those airstones, sometimes they clog.

    The droopiness... could be water temps (too cold), or water level. How far below the net pot is your water level? It should be 2-3 inches.

    Not trying to be an asshole, but at 3 weeks your root ball in DWC should be freakin huge... at 3 weeks mine are bigger than a couple of softballs. The white roots look good though.
  12. 2-3 inches below net pot! I read about 1 inch so that is where it is. Should I let some water out?? And no, the fan is blowing over the plant not on it.

  13. I Dunno squat for NOW but if you are following Rumples bubble bucket setup / guide based on what I have read you have seriously over done it with the nutrients. Nice job flushing and getting back in business with 1/2 the recommended dosage. Looking forward to seeing them come around.
  14. Alright, so its been 4 days since the flush and things are looking good. The plant is much less droopy, greener and growing faster. I also installed the 400w metal halide last night so we should really be cooking now. I still have some older leaves that are unhealthy. Does anyone know if its ok to snip them off. I have some new picks so take a good look and let me know.

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  15. Check the new roots...

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    400w mh + 94w cool/daylight cfls = 494 watts of light power. A little extreme for one plant, but then again you can never have too much light... right?

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  17. Hi, looking better, keep the PPMs low until the plant recovers, at this stage you can FIM the plant, so it splits many ways...

    Just was wondering prior about your ventilation, fresh air IN ? you have to introduce fresh air in addition to removing old stale air, it's as important as proper light levels, I think.
  18. that Mh looks awfully close to that little guy/girl. isnt it like the sun in there. i feel like that MH is a bit to close for an MH.
  19. I agree, thats why I raised it to about 6" above the top. Do you think that is still too close?

    And polish_pothead, can you refer me to a good thread about FIMing? This is my first grow and I dont want to kill my baby.:eek:
  20. I also improved my ventilation so that I have both fans running in opposite directions lodged in my door, so I have fresh air from my room (with window open) blowing into grow room and old air in grow room blowing out.

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