What's wrong with my plant? Please help!

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  1. The plants are just random seeds that I had, and they are about 3 weeks old. I have been keeping them on a 24 hour light cycle and I'm not sure what type of light I have, I bought them from a hydro store. They are growing in rock wool in a homemade bubbleponics system. I have a water pump set up with tubes going to each of the plants. There are four plants in a 20 gallon container. I have only filled it with 10gallons of water. There is also an air pump set up with an air stone. I use nirvana soya letchin phosphate liquid And mix in a spray bottle with water and spray it on the leaves. The other nutrients are maxigrow and maxibloom powder That I mix in the water in the container. This is my third grow and this hasn't happened before so I'm not sure what's wrong. Please help! Thank you :)

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  2. I'm not sure, I've never had to test it before. Should I remove the water in the container and keep them on fresh water for a couple of days?
  3. I would do that then add 3/4 what you were using for nutes
  4. Go soil..... Sorry mate I don't know much about hydro so I may be off but have you changed your water?? Just like soil they need fresh water
  5. Knowing your ph is a MUST in hydro I would recommend a meter.
  6. if you dont know your ph then your already going down hill...i check my ph in my hydro set up atleast 2 times a day to make sure its right at 5.8...thats what is happening to you your locking out different nutes due to the ph being off. Test it and let us know whats going on so we can help save this girl
  7. Try soil and see if that is the problem, otherwise I have no idea lol
  8. Ya you can get some ph up and down to help out to regulate the ph its like $15.00 anda ppm or ph meter runs $12-15 so $30.00 is best investment for your girls hope this helps
  9. Soil will not get yields like dwc I do both with same strains one in soil one in dwc at same time never have I pulled the better yield with soil you just get better taste out the soil but you can uptain same taste with dwc with bud candy or suger daddy and better trichs
  10. Idk if I agree with that...I've seen some plants in soil that double or triple what I yield in dwc...dwc is just much quicker
  11. I do agree outside in soil you can get better but from my experience indoor I haven't achived better yield but I run dwc veg for 60 days super crop and let it spread you can really get fat yield better then soil scrog for me
  12. Yea I gotta say dwc is great for yields but no matter what u use u can't get the same taste/smell outa soil

  13. You got me there...i bet you grow up some monsters vegging for 60 days :smoking:
  14. True soil taste the best and ya yields at 60days massive
  15. Looks like a micronutrient deficiency to me. Maybe zinc or one if the other they need that issues don't usualy pop up with. I think your ph is probably fine because that shit shows up as rusty spots on the leafs and a general slow death if it doesn't get fixxed and she looks pretty good sized.

  16. I'm at five weeks about veg and its getting rediculous. I couldn't handle sixty day veg they'll be insane.
  17. The only thing I see wrong is that the leaves are yellowing from the inside-out. It's definetly a nutrient deficiency, but which one I'm not sure. A simple google search and you'd know but.
    The plant has nice green petioles and seems to be growing at the right pace. What kind of nutes are you using?

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