whats wrong with my plant(pic)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LaFFiZzLe, May 29, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    It's about 5-6 days old now. I've been watering every day around the same time. I moved the lights further away. I don't give it nutes the nutes it has is from the foxfarm oceanforest soil.
  2. well for one thing is that it should not need water everyday it is tiny i dont see it drinkin all that up
  3. Is that MIRACLE GROW? and LOL and the discount ad for wisdom teeth extraction

  4. time release nutes killin his plant
  5. naw its foxfarms oceanforest soil

    i have 4 other plants at the same stage growing in this stuff and they all look fine except this one.

  6. How close is the light to her?

    I often have my first few set of leaves die off, in fact my 2 week old powerskunk lost her first 2 sets.

  7. it;s been at 1-2 inches away since it sprouted and now i have it at 2-3 since it started doin this
  8. yea you dont need to water every day
  9. Do you have a fan on her, it almost seems like she is burning up.
  10. ^ Im with Ford, do you have a fan on them? What kind of lighting do you have?
  11. yea i have a pretty strong fan in there and its under 100watt cfl bulb
  12. i changed the conditions dramatically that i think caused this to happen. will it repair itself?
  13. First few weeks of growth in seedling stage need VERY little nutrients if any if using soil which most do carry some small amounts of starter nutrients. GooD LucK
  14. Yes. Check out the new growth, don't pay any attention to the old and dying growth. You want to make sure that everything is coming in ok.


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