What's wrong with my leaf?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by EvanR021, Mar 24, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    first time grower here. This copperish color started appearing on one of my plants.

    I haven't really started feeding them yet, any ideas?
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  3. Posting only a picture of one leaf and not pictures of the whole plant, isn't helping us any. Give as much information about your grow and how you do it as possible when needing help. Also, post as many pictures as necessary to get the point across about what you're talking about. What are you growing in (media), how do you water, etc. TWW
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  4. Anyone can't give you solid idea just seeing 1 leaf of your plants. Need to share full of it to make suggestion or something like that.
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    Thanks guys, I apologize for that. I have since updated the picture.

    I am currently growing in an Aerogarden and have just the normal LED lights from the garden on the plants. There is a 1.1 gallon reservoir, the only nutrients I have provided to my plants are a little silica (Rhino Skin 1ml/gal) and a little bit of Sea Green Hydro, maybe 1/2ml per gallon.

    Any ideas? It can't be a nutrient deficiency this early can it? Both plants responded incredibly well to the small dose nutes. I flushed the reservoir yesterday and put new clean water in with just a bit of nutrients. The ppm is going down probably 15-20 an hour, it's not eating very much but I wanted to start feeding it so I could use a root enhance formula from Black Label. Wanted to ween the plant.
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    It could possibly be stress from pH changes. I accidentally had the pH hit 5.0 for a couple seconds. Is that recoverable? It's been at 5.8 since it sprouted
  7. Hi all,

    Here is the plant today (1 day later). Everything should be ok, pH is at 5.8-6.0, EC is at 0.325 fresh distilled water was added, raised the lights, but it looks much worse.


    Any ideas?
  8. The damaged leaves will not completely heal. Just keep an eye on the new growth
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  9. Hey Steady, thanks for the input.

    Do you think the plant will be okay? Also any ideas for cooling my res a bit? I'm using ice packs but I don't want to put any contaminants into the tank.

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