What's wrong with my girls? Yellowing leaves & brown spots

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  1. I Was wondering what you guys think is wrong with my plants. Some of the leaves start to yellow then slowly die off and some are getting brown spots.

    They are in a 2:1 mix of roots organics original soil & happy frog. I feed them worm tea and roots organics nutes with well water.

    I will provide a few pics of 2 or 3 of my outdoor plants and then later i can add some of my indoor which are also showing similar symptoms but not as bad.

    Thanks in advance!

    20170727_161616.jpg 20170727_161611.jpg 20170727_161604.jpg 20170727_161559.jpg
  2. Looks like magnesium deficiency mate, try give her some cal-mag :)[​IMG]

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  3. Sweet, thank you! I'll grab some cal-mag today.
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  4. Any experience with Roots Organic's Elemental? I'm using pretty much their whole line so figured I might as well stick with it. It's a dry amendment with calcium & magnesium .
  5. No idea mate, I've never used that. Give it a go, she how she likes it :)

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    Did you already get calmag? Thats not organic. You're showing defficiency across the boards. I would recommend kelp/neem meal. I would do a tea since you probably need a fast delivery. That could also be over watering or pH.

    Edit...sorry I didn't read your post about organic calmag. Dolomite lime is perfect. 2:1 cal:mag but kelp will give you that and 50 other micros so I'd also amend some of that in.
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  7. You look to new growth to determine if your plant has a problem. All throughout it's life, older growth will yellow and die off. But if you start seeing those same symptoms happening up higher on the plant....on the new growth, then you have a problem. One of those pictures...the third I think, definitely looks like a cal/mag deficiency. It's a pretty big staple in their diet and moreso in flower than during veg. When you grow in containers, the plants will eventually use up all the food in the soil. At that point you can either repot into a larger container with fresh soil or take on the task of feeding them chemically. The thought of that scared me to death when I first started out and I'll admit, it took me some time to figure it all out. But I realized that no matter how pretty the bottle or how fancy the label, the contents inside were still stuff like magnesium, calcium, sulfur, etc. So know that you can buy food for your plants without paying the astronomical prices we see at hydro stores. But you do need to read up on their nutrition and understand what type mix they need for the stage they're in at this point. It's easy to damage them when feeding unless you have a basic understanding of it and know when you need to do it so as to not damage your plants. But all that will take is a little reading. Dying leaves will not heal. When they begin to show issues, they're on their way out. But the lower leaves receive less light as the overall plant size increases and, as with any plant, what doesn't receive light is not going to grow. Best of luck. TWW

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