whats with ppl taking ridiculous amounts of acid?

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  1. has anyone dosed 3+ tabs of quality acid? i've seen posts where people say theyve took 5 tabs and im just like :eek:. i dont think i will ever do more than two hits honestly, because its already intense for me (At least with the acid i have).

    my question is, what is your expiernece like with 5 hits (or anything above 2 hits) compared to 2 hits? please be as detailed as you can, because i've never dabbled in the realm of higher doses of acid and was just curious to know what its like (but not curious enough to try it). i know its hard to describe, but do your best please.

  2. yea i know people who dosed like 9 at the most. a blade just recently dosed 20 tabs and he came out pretty nicely. seemed reckless to me though. id only dose 5-. that shit would be crazy
  3. Most shit is bunk now. That's why you need 3+ tabs to get fucked up. The other night my friend had 6 and barley had visuals.
  4. yeah, exactly. you can't expect your acids quality to be the same as everyone elses
  5. yea thats what i suspected, that maybe their acid wasnt as potent.....but then again im sure there are some people who HAVE done 5 hits of some amazing acid. these are the kind of trips i want to hear about, not the bunk/whack acid where u have to take 10 to get visuals
  6. well, because they want the experience. acid is amazing and the higher your dosage the better your trip. many people take those high dosages for spiritual reasons or enlightenment and others just want to delve farther into acids' land and to see and be exposed to what it has to offer. others just want to be BA lulz
  7. yea, i wanna know exactly what happened in this experience though. i myself am interested in acid for spiritual reasons and am curious about higher dosages, but would rather see what other people say about it and what happened during their trip before i try it myself...especially since i would most likely be doing it alone
    thanks, will read

  8. probally didnt take 20 hits of real LSD-25
  9. ive dosed around 12 hits in a night all spaced out. i had no clue about anything but the universe. but i had a tolerance built up so...

  10. yea dude i mean psychs= "hippie bs" because its all spiritual. for me at least. its not really about having fun
  11. i assumed you knew about thumbprinting. that is one fo the farthest places your mind can go and still come back
  12. but it's fun as hell and to deny that is denying acid

  13. its fun in the respect that i enjoy learning
  14. I've eaten 5 hits no tollerance and one other time I ate 10 hits (but I had eaten 4 hits 2 days prior to that, so my tollerance was still slighlty effected).

    I notice that after 2-3+ hits the number of hits consumed after become negligable. Also a nother thing about tollerance is that you don't hallucinate much after dosing less then 3 days apart(you don't see patterns form on objects, walls, woodgrain etc.). That is to say you will still feel the body high, and still noticable color blindness (reffereance erowid) were you can't differentiate different shades of colours, and they all just melt together. So the only thing I say tollerance effects is the distinction of patterns around you.
  15. I read this, wow...I would love to experience something to this magnitude one day when I feel ready. Total completion
  16. I'm a novice at LSD, so forgive the probably dumb question, but he said that a thumbprint is equal to 50,000 doses of acid. I've heard of people dieing at less than 10 hits. How does that even work?
  17. who did 20 tabs?

    hopefully there is a thread about this :D

  18. yea there is. its in the box but i forget his name

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