whats up with this seedling?

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  1. I have 2 plants about a week from seed. I think the strains are candy cane and green crack. One has some stra ge colour and texture on the new growth. What can be causing this ? I never experieneced this during my first grow.
    A little info ( theyre under 1 300w led ) and in nicely mixed soil. Were on 24/0 but switched to 20/4 yesterday

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  2. Nitrogen needed usally shows as yellowing. The top pic left leaf looks like its starting to curl which could be high light intensity. Although maybe it's just that pheno because the other one is chilling like a villain

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  3. Yeah the whole plant doesn't look as good as it's counterpart I agree with that guy

    First grow ever!
  4. Just an update. I ended up throwing the funky one outdoors. Shes really changed and gotten better. The otber one in this orinfal post was kept inside until yestwrfay and i just added her out with her friend lol
    This is them now. The deformed one is the closest to the camera. Big change eh!

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