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Whats up with Mammoth Lakes?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by magicman8, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. #1 magicman8, Aug 2, 2011
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    So a little background info for the problem I'm in. Im 19 and have a valid rec (fully embossed and everything on security paper with greenlife verification so its legit) up in Mammoth for vacation with parents. I had been looking forward to this trip and being heavily medicated while enjoying pure nature. The only thing I brought up was a lighter and pipe and of course ca drivers license and rec.(i didnt bring any bud cause I planned on supporting mammoth growers) So I show up to Green Mammoth (the local dispensary on tavern rd) and am super amped to go into the budroom...right before I start filling out the first time paperwork stuff the guy asks if I'm over 21. I didn't even look up as I was filling the paperwork out and just said "no Im 19". He then said Mammoth County is 21 and older to be allowed into collectives. I have never had this problem before, Im from orange county where its 18+.Its absolutely ridiculous you can get ssri's, painkillers, adderall, tobacco, etc at 18 but not some cannabis prescribed by a medical professional? So I'm up here for a week with no bud. Im at odds about what to do. Im staying in snowcreek and ive got a bike so I could go anywhere in town post or pm what i can/should do. Its not the end of the world but I mean its so beautiful up here plus ive got a card so Im a little pissed I cant even toke especially in this altitude (like 9000ft)

    edit: so far the only alternative to pick up my medication is a 3 hour drive to tahoe which is not a possibility. How ridiculous what the hell was mammoth thinking. I know patients can legally 'gift/trade' medication to other patients for cash or objects so this might be my only hope.
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    volcom brothers skatepark.

    It's on meridian in between commerce and wagon wheel. probably a 20 minute bike ride or so from snowcreek (depending on which way).

    Recommended route
    1. turn onto minaret (if you are biking up a big ass hill turn around - that hill is fucking cursed i swear)
    2. take a left on old mammoth road
    3. take a right on meridian and you will see it on your left.

    Although i'm from orange county like you i know mammoth like it's newport haha

    i have another place to check out if you come up dry over there.
  3. i'm fucking mad that mono county has a 21+ rule guess ill be bringing nug up. I'm goin up to mammoth next week for 2 or 3 weeks. i live literally 20 seconds from snowcreek just gotta run down a dirt hill so if you ever wanna burn and fish or some shit hit me up

  4. That park is sick i stopped there today and all is good now :smoke: super chill place

  5. you find any nug

  6. For sure I leave on the 5th though. I come up alot more during the winter, anyways couldnt thank you enough for the suggestion worked perfectly i just hope someday mono county comes to their senses and makes it 18+

  7. yup got like 1.5g for 10 bucks from the first guy i asked

  8. thats a great deal. lemme know how it smokes
  9. yeah i board all the time in winter haha
  10. The people of that county voted for that measure. Personally it's your bad by not taking any with you and not being informed on the laws in that county.
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    you're over it
  12. Gents - take it to PMs.

    Situation resolved. End of thread
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