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What's up with kids hallucinating off weed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brian 420, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. All I see now is HOWMIGAWD I TRIPPED ON WEED!!!1!111

    Seriously. WTF.:confused::confused::confused:
  2. Mild hallucinations are not out of the ordinary, but a lot of these kids have never taken more powerful hallucinogens and tend to exagerate these feelings.

    I just learned to ignore the kids.
  3. Well when you've smoked for a decade and read these, it's just sad.

    But I guess you're right. I've done my fair amount of hallucinogens
  4. The people that talk about that obviously have never done things that aren't allowed to be discussed.

    Kids these days...
  5. I dunno, I've seen some little weird things, flying lights and weird glows/auras/dark shapes since my t-break, from just a bong hit. I smoke hybrids, so I imagine it might be even trippier if I was smoking a real pure & dank sativa and had three bong hits... If I had never smoked before maybe I would trip out.

    And I have had some insane CEVs when I smoke before bed...
  6. glad I stumbled across this thread, I thought I was the only one who was thinking this :smoke:

  7. Agree.

    Kids who do this, stop it :rolleyes:
  8. Either their shit's laced , or they can handle their weed :smoke:

    Its probably mild hallucinations as Gumbo said.
  9. #9 Codre, Aug 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 5, 2011
    I only hallucinate a little off of huge doses of weed, but it's nowhere near the kind of hallucinating you get from strong hallucinogens.

  10. They exaggerate those little flying things into full-blown, class A hallucinations. I'd start posting "Take a box of Benadryl" but i'm not that mean hahaa
  11. Yeah this is a worthwhile thread i guess, dumb kids and their low tolerance.
  12. Truth. When I've "hallucinated" from weed it was when my tolerance was damn near zero or I smoked absurd amounts. Even then it was just brighter colors and more defined edges. The most "trippy" it got was hearing laughter in my head. And that lasted about 3 seconds until I told my brain to stfu

    I guess kids/new smokers are not used to this and freak out with the whole "holy shit dude I'm trippin!!!"

    Just wait kiddies...just wait :hippie:

  13. I doubt it's an issue of tolerance. I think they get high, stand up too fast, seen an aura and say "ZOMG I JUST TRIPPED BALLS, MUST BE THE WEED!!!!!""

  14. Haha so true. Headrush: HOLY FUCK DID U GUES SEA TAT??/? I SAW A FLOATING DOT!!! CALL 911 I'm GONNA DIED!!!:rolleyes:

  15. +1

    Either that, or they get high and say "hmmm i wonder if it's possible to trip from weed" then sit there and basically force themselves to imagine/see stuff. Then claim it was a legitimate trip.
  16. My bros friend is tripping off right now.

    In that his tolerance is terrible and we smoked a plated king skin of some peng cheese so he's >10/10 high

  17. Preconceived ideas about weed before smoking leads to their minds playing tricks on them via the placebo effect.
  18. Atleast this'll be the "Cool" thing instead of shit you can ACTUALLY trip on...
  19. I mean I sort of get it and I have taken psychedelics which we can't talk about. Like weed for me doesn't make me trip or anything, but it can make me nostalgic about a particular trip or perhaps experience some of the same sort of "feelings." It's really impossible to describe but weed for me does have sort of a psychedelic vibe and I sometimes get CEVs while high. It's just not nearly as intense as an earth shattering mushroom trip.
  20. What's even worse is when they think it's like some sort of new discovery or some shit then go onto making a pointless thread about it. Real hallucinogens would make these kids shit their pants if they're tripping off just weed

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