Whats Up With All the Fakes Now A Days?

Discussion in 'General' started by amdjobob, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. More or less a post to vent on, But here we go.
    Whats with all the fake people now a days, It seems I'm always the one left out of anything. Everyone goes to so and sos house to smoke and even if they live down the street I'm never invited. Everyone seems to come around when I have bud but besides that they're never around. I've been through three different major friend groups well in high school and since I've graduated and it's always been the same. It's not like I'm a dick or some shit I was always the dude to smoke someone out when they where dry and when ever I hit them up they never reply. The fucks with people now a days? they boost you up hangout with you every day for a couple months then peace out. It's fine though well they're wasting all there money on weed a oz will last me the month now and I have more time to chill and explore myself.
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  2. You'll find he world is full of that exact type group of people you describe above. If you live to be 50 and at that point have at least 3 people in your life you know are actually true friends, you'll consider yourself blessed.. Make your OWN group of people that you like and that like you. I've never been a "grouper" anyway. I always preferred to hang out on my own most of the time. Just never needed a crowd to be satisfied. Require more of people you actually might consider being friends with. A real friend is always willing to be a giver and not just a taker. They're hard to find for sure! I totally understand where you're coming from. TWW
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  3. Thanks for the reply, I'm also not a"grouper" I enjoy a group for 2-3 other people but it seems that even the people close to me have started to do this, Its a shame my best friend of nearly 7 years I think I'm going to have to give up on, been through me thick and thin but he's been a dick taking my stuff and etc without asking for the past couple months. I found out he's stolen 4 grams from me and stole a bottle of my vape juice, the funny thing is I would've given it to him in a heartbeat if he'd of just asked.
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  4. Older you get the more you relize that people are worthless.
    People do indeed suck.

    If at 50 you can count 3 to 5 good friends (you dont have to see em every week) then your lucky.
  5. Friendships really just consist of mutual benefits. They're really just business partnerships.. but without paperwork, deadlines, contracts, etc.

    If you have nothing to offer to your friends, they won't come hang out with you again. It's all about what you have to offer.. using one another for favors.

    It might sound harsh, but it's how it is. There's nothing wrong with that of course - so long as you are rewarded in some form of another, with a return favor or money or whatever..
  6. Ive been in and out of friend groups so many times that i don't even bother getting to know people most of the time. You know who your real friends are, the rest don't matter
  7. i feel you but i do that i hang out with you everyday for months and then i disappear for months. i do it to everyone because i need my time alone.
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  8. Good choice. Friends don't take from one another, they share. They give up a little bit of themselves for you.

    The one stealing from you is for himself , unfortunately . Perhaps he may grow up and learn. By then I say too late. First it's a couple grams then it's your Rolex watch. Good riddance ! Asta lavista ! Baby...

    Young old doesn't matter the age of a person. Some get it and some don't. Life isn't about personal items however we need to work to achieve the items we possess. Life is more about connections and helping one another to achieve one or a number of goals together. So to have a few good connections in life means everything at the end of it all.
  9. Well that's life for a young lad. One who should be talking to his friends to go play at the park or shoot some hoops go to the movies ect.

    Rather then smoking weed and playing video games all day finally to realize while their stash is gone how come all their friends bounced to another person's house .

    I think kids these days are staying kids much longer then they should. You should be out making a career for yourself. Buying some sort of house to live in. Honning your skills so you are able to help other people. AKA FRIENDS

    Most kids don't call each other nowadays and say hey Dan, can you in the next few weeks build an inground pool in my backyard?

    Generations are getting worse and worse. I only wish I was older and I had less time here. Because in 50 years it's gonna be scary.
  10. Plenty of loser fake assholes around here as well.

    Also , word of advise . DO NOT MEET ANYONE OFF OF A WEED FORUM

    I meant in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas
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  11. Yeah, I've experienced this too, and I'm sure a lot of people have. I have a group of "high school friends" - people I went to HS with but have since drifted away from after HS. We talk occasionally. Then a group of "college" friends - people I met once I got to University and still talk to. But my situation is a lot different than I would've envisioned it back in high school. Back then, it seemed like those friends would always be around and we'll always chill for years... but that's just not the case. I don't necessarily blame myself or them, I just feel like life happened and we all have priorities to take care of.
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  12. ]Now I don't know which I'd rather be, a fake asshole or a real asshole.
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  13. Yea I've always understood that but when they never give me anything in return thats when it's fucked up
  14. Be a hemorrhoid, we tend to bother assholes.

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  15. I find I can hang out about once a month, or sometimes less than that and that's enough for me. Some people wanting to be hanging out all day every day. Not this one!
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  16. Whats Up With Typing Like This???? uok
  17. Smartphones and social media have changed the basic interactions people are inherently able to comprehend. Everything is now a consumer race to keep up with the Jones' and money is the lowest common denominator that compels all people to be the false person they wish to become through buying happiness. Long story short, money and greed is the problem with people today.
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  18. Thought it said "what's up with all the fags now a days" lol

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  19. Just wait a few years

    People won't come around even when you have bud
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