What's up tonight Pandoras Box?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by syk0naut, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. well. tonight is a saturday night. its my rest day after the parties on friday night. so im just chillin at home.

    smokin on my new bubbler with some dro/beasters i got for free. just smoked a cig. about to light up the hookah.
    gettin acid tomorrow
    wish i had some roxis cause i havent done an opiate in 2 months :smoking:
  2. probably not much, just drink a bit. jam on my djembe for a while. gotta open my bar tomorrow. thursday opened hungover, not planning on doing that again. really isnt very fun.

    really wanna drop, but i gotta wait to see if im goin to any shows these next couple weeks
  3. Catchin' a nod, munchin out, might hit up a little kickback with a few blunts, if not ill invite a few people over and sesh.
  4. Bout to go out and smoke some blunts with a few friends, then goin to a party. Dunno if I feel like drinkin tonight. Hopefully getting acid tomorrow and taking it next weekend. I've been long overdue for a trip.
  5. Hung out with ladies last night so tonite it is time to get fucked up, I plan on eating a xanax bar and 4 percs.
  6. Probably just gonna get some beers and kick back
  7. Parties.

    Hanging with good friends.


  8. my friends are coming to pick me up soon. We're going to a haunted house that's scary as fuck and we're gonna shroooooom

    so excited :D
  9. kicking back got a nice lil buzz from my 40 playing some madden w my guy waiting for the night to unfold
  10. Drinking 2 40's , finished the first one now a little more than halfway thru the second. Also have a nice little ball of resin. My brother got burned today, he bought 20 bucks worth of tea. I dont even feel sorry for him its his own damn fault for not checking what he was buying.
  11. Crazy shrooms last night means chill evening of football and weed tonight.
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    im back. been smokin on my new bub. heres a pic:
    I could be out partyin tonight but i just kinda rest and kick back.:smoking:
  13. Siiick how much that run ya?
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    well the price was $60 but i went with my friends bro who gets a 50% discount on everything. so i got it for $30 along with some ez widers for the cross joint we rolled last night and some coals for the hookah

    im actually interested in getting a nice bong. there is a roor black label with a beaker bottom there. about 1.5 footer. really nice $207 so i could get it for 50% on that
  15. gonna eat some mda rolls, was wondering if it would be a waste to take an adderal with it.
  16. Well damn keep that friend around lol how does he get 50% off and does that include everything
  17. theres never a bad time for addies
  18. Gonna take it easy tonight. Just some DXM and madden on the xbox
  19. he knows the owner real well and has forever. its a family friend. it doesnt include everything i dont think. im not sure tho. oh and my friend will be kept around. hes one of my best bros

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