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Whats up GC? Bama smoker reporting in.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bigboyslim, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Alright this is my first post on this forum even though I've been lurking for a while and right off the bat I need to ask some questions. I recently started smoking and have switched from joints to a light bulb bubbler I made myself. I love my home made bong but my only problem is that the pen I used for the stem is really close to the bowl and it can sometimes burn a nostril hair or two when I'm blazing up. Any suggestions for another stem? There's no decent head shops around where I live so buying a stem is out of the question. Any suggestions for a new smoker?

    (My bad if the pic doesn't work, its my piece)
  2. Well, I have some advice.

    Get a glass piece at some point(we've all heard this schpeil before), a spoon will set you over for a long while, at least until you can get something better.

    However, in the short run you could make a Sobe waterfall bong which would fix the nostril burnings. :D

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