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  1. Well I'm a new gardener and I wanted to Share what I got going on with you all . My setup is cmh lighting ,3x3x6 viviosun tent,6"max fan with carbon filter and I'm using soil.
    I started 2 U.K. Cheese Fems(killed 3 others lol) in April. I also started 5 white rhinos on the 5th of may . I am using the general organic go box for nutes and I vegged for 16 hours a day until June 9th when I flipped lights .
    So here's where I'm at [​IMG]

    I realize they r crowded but i I didn't realize how much they would stretch after flip . I've been feeding them heavy . Once I see the tips have started to burn I just feed plain water . I wanted to see what you guys think . The three on the left are white rhinos . 2 of them are showing sativa like leaves ?(falling slower behind in growth too). Anyways I was wondering if you could tel me if I'm somewhere on the right track here as far as my grow goes . Thanks guys

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  2. nice nice .
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  3. Groom them large fans
  4. What you mean? The giant finger leaves sticking out where the buds come out? Thought that would stress the girl out ? I'm scared shit I don't like seeded weed
  5. The biggest leaves take about 10-15 per plant especially the ones that shade other budsites
  6. Aright lights come on later tonight . I'll give it a shot thanks .
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  7. Lookin good
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  8. I'm starting to notice a few flies here and there in the grow tent since it's starting to wreak in here . I'm on my way to the hydro store to look for something to stop them . Any suggestions ?

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  9. Well they were all out of sticky traps . They should have more tomorrow ..dude hooked me up with a used one tho for temporary [​IMG]

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  10. Applecider vinegar
  11. leave a bowl of water filled to the top the bugs fly in and dye.
  12. these bugs usually are in the soil . pore some sand on the top of the soil . bugs hate it .
  13. I'll try what you both have suggested thanks fellas .

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