Whats this thing that came with my metal pipe?

Discussion in 'General' started by yousaywhat, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I got this hilighter thing that has a secret metal pipe in it. and it came with this little baggie of these small round things that have small holes in them kinda like a strainer. what are they. and what are they used for?
  2. its like a filter, stick it in your bowl so you dont inhale ash, they are called screens btw

    i use em, some people dont tho because they can lower the amt of weed in bowl and they can fall out in glass bowls, but i make sure to get bowls that allows the screens to fit well.
  3. Exactly. use em in that pipe
  4. so i just stick it in the bottom of my bowl? and how often do i have to replace or clean them? i got like 20
  5. smoking like 3x a week, ive gone through three in the past 6 months. you can clean them, but when resin makes it so 50% of the bottom is black and is REALLY hard to get off, then switch.

    also force it down as far as you can in the bowl.
  6. Thannxx u guys :)

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