Whats this new growth thingy.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bwiftsolt, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, first time grower here, whats this light green growth on my bud?
  2. that my friend is a seed ..some how a bit of pollen from some where as got to your plant ,,,just have a quick look around your plant to see if a male flower or nanna as opened on the plant or on any other plant you may have ,,,mac
  3. Whattttt...

    I only have one plant in a box in my loft on its own.

    Im so confused =/.

    What should i do then my dude? First plant ive no exp and did not expect this ahahah. A lot of it looks finished and to be fair the seed is like 9-10 week instruction and its on week 13 =/ had no grow neuts due to money... but the buds are not very fat so i was going to leave it but i dont want seed ridden bud..
  4. It's not unusual to get a few seeds late in flower. Plants sometimes produce a few nanners which contain pollen. Nothing to worry about - your plants look about done to me. Fat buds are a result of good quality light - at this stage it's doubtful your buds will get any larger or denser. What lighting do you have?
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  5. I thought as much about the buds but im sure you wont blame me for holding out hope =D.

    I have a 150w led ufo shape grow light its been on 24/0 for the last 12 weeks or so, its only in a 50x50x100 tent so its kind of small.

    Thanks for the replies btw.
  6. yep i agree Mick ,,,plants do that usually if the plant is very near harvest or just past harvest time ,,it knows its near death so throws a odd nanna to try to pollinate its self ,,,,,id let the seed develop and plant it ,as the plant not a hermie and the seed will or might turn out a female seed ,,,on harm in planting it ....mac

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