Whats this leaf indicating?

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    What is this leaf indicating?
    It was just on the one leaf, now it is showing on two with a third one just starting to show the same. The copper/brown part is crispy.
    Isolated variable - I had been misting water on them occasionally a couple of days before this happened, that water would have been a ph of 7 with no nutes or anything.
    DWC - plant is about 6 weeks old, still vegging.
    600w mh @ 10"  with fan about a foot away
    Humidity is about 35%,
    temp is <85,
    nutes are AN Sensi bloom @ 1,000ppm tds, ph is about 5.5-6, and I use tap water with a TDS of 85ppm

  2. Root rot?

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    Nah, the roots are fine, a second plant is showing it now :(
    I also just switch from Ionic One Part veg to AN Sensi Bloom PH perfect. Maybe it's something to do with that.

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