Whats This Bug? It Looks Carnivorous

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ccsavage, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Anybody seen one of these? I dont want to kill it right away if it eats bad bugs.


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  2. i wanna say some sort of wasp but i dont see a stinger... unless it retracts... but hey if im right a wasp will kill spiders.. and i like spiders around/in my plant they catch all sorts of little pests... baby grasshoppers.. etc... i mean i got chickens to protect them during the day but any spiders that make a web in my plant is welcome.. i just make sure to deweb it every morning.. he comes back everynight... but wasp wont eat your plant, niether will spiders... so grab him and see if he stings u lol...
  3. From what I could find it does look like a wasp. I like spiders as well. I wonder what else it eats.I hate to kill good predators
  4. dude they eat bugs.. like i said.. they wont eat ur leaves.. but if u like spiders he will eat those lol.. but they usually dont stick around long enough til the evening when spiders come out... so yeah man hes not gonna eat leaves..
  5. Its a paper wasp. Careful of him! Him on your plant that close means hes making a nest near by. When you see one, there is more!! He's stealing the fibers from your plant to make his nest.. Find the nest and kill it, but you get lit up.
  6. antennas look to long to be a paper wasp
  7. its like a wasp boar lookin thingy.. lol
  8. No sign of it today..it looked like a fly from mars or something

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