What's the worst thing you've ever done while being drunk?

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    smashed a ugly ho :confused_2:
  2. Went to McDonalds
  3. Pissed my pants while trying to make it in the toilet. Turned out, I was in the living room. Couple minutes later, I wasn't aware it had happened at all. I was pretty confused the next day...
  4. Probably...that one time I killed a man just to watch him die.
  5. ^ Did you shoot a man in Reno?

    Worst thing I've done drunk is encourage another fellow drunk to navigate my roof.
  6. Fucked an ugly girl.
  7. it was christmas night of 2010 and we went to my brothers apartment in the southside chicago. we were chillin at first smoking l's and drinking dos equis and playing nba 2k11. so it gets later on and we start to play some cards for money. we played "in between" and if you won the pot you had to take a shot of this real mexican tequila. so everyone starts betting to leave the last dollar in, so someone has to bet and take the shot. i was like fuck it, and everytime it would come around to me i would usually win. so i took like 10 shots and at this point im in lala land. we are still playing the card game, and im betting and winning, but keep putting more money in the pot like a fucking drunk dumbass. so we finish the games and im walking upstairs. i dont even remember the rest, but in the morning we all wake up to me on the floor and the bags that had my brothers presents in them, had throw up all over them. throw up was everywhere and im just lying on the floor, dying inside ! my brother is the one who woke me up before everyone else got up, and he was pretty pissed but cleaned up my mess (my brother is a boss). so he goes back asleep and im still on the floor but am starting to feel better. i notice i shit my pants and it fucking reaked ! i was in the bathroom for like 30 min cleaning my ass and thinking what to do with my boxers. so i throw them in the garbage in the kitchen, and when everyone woke up they all complained that it smelled like shit. little did they know my shit stained boxers were in the garbage.
  8. Went to a casino. Massive lols at the time pretending to be James Bond. Massive crying the next day when I realised how much money I lost.
  9. Puked while lying on the cement, rolled over in it 20 minutes later.
  10. pissed on my laptop (i think... still skeptical... don't really know what happened, lol)

    puked on my brand new $1200 dollar BARE mattress
  11. There's no "being" before "drunk". It makes no sense. Would you say, "what's the worst thing you've ever done while being high"???

    sorry, Nazi over here :embarrassed:
  12. Cheated on my girlfriend :( still with her though, literally nobody knows except the other girl *sighhh* I regret it but I'm happy with this girl now, and it's best that she doesn't find out, so I just gotta move on.
  13. I broke a piece, the only time I've ever done it. RIP Firefly.
  14. fucked my best friends girlfriend on their prom night... she was sober. will never forgive myself
  15. I slammed a fifth of jagermeister, blacked out...

    My friends told me they found me on the front lawn puking my guts out towards the end of the night, then my friend tried to help me up and i knocked him out..he hit his head on a cement block when he fell and had to go to the hospital.

    I woke up the next morning with no recollection of what had happened....
  16. Kind of irrelevant considering the fact that this is marijuana related website.

  17. :confused: nice contribution, but if you look around the website, especially p-box, you'll see a lot of alcohol threads. Some people like alcohol, you know?
  18. Alcohol poisoning, fucked an ugly bitch.
  19. tried to fight like 10 people blacked the fuck out.....

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