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Whats the worst strain youve had

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fanjoyy, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. For me it was probably a bad batch of Panama Red i know its supposed to be legendary but it definitely wasnt in that situation
  2. Shwag?

    I love weed. All weed. Give me your unwanted weed.
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  4. Purple Pine Berry... outdoor BC shiz. terrible tasting, leafy smoke.
  5. Some shit i ended up paying $25 an ounce lasted me forever though lol
  6. I don't know what the strain is or what the fuck i've smoked.It was some bag weighting around 5g of weed i've picked up from the ground.Went to smoke that shit,each bowl give's you a slight buzz for 2 min.Gave that shit away for free to a friend.
  7. Some outdoor grown white widow that was harvested way fucking early, had absolutely no flush or cure or even a manicure, tasted like shit had to smoke like 2 grams just to get a 20 minute head change, disgusting.
    The schwag I smoked in middle school was bomb compared to that (in words of highs, not flavor or anything else)
    Paid 40$ for a qtr of it.
    Needless to say, I didn't buy off that guy again til word got around he was movin mad chrons.
    And yet again- I havent talked to him in a couple months, my other hook up takes real nice care of me :D
  8. Some of this chili powder kush haha

    It was the schwag I bought that was hard as a rock and smelled like chili powder.
  9. the brick weed i got busted with. had a big corner piece and it looked like compressed mulch, i felt embarrassed getting arrested with weed like that:cool:
  10. id say beasters cuhz it dont barley get u high... the nice canadian buds, with orange hairs man forget that beasters is wack bro not rreal killa bud!,

    and ofc mexican brick whatever it was it was really shity, packed an shipped in huge amounts an u had to like tear it apart. it was like 50$ an oz
  11. a strain called Bigfoot. tasted like sheeeeeeit

  12. I have heard of that never tried it
  13. this dark purple bud called fucking incredible it was fucking horrible and tasted like burnt plastic
  14. also come media shit that came in was so bad it tasted like nasty pork smoke made me sick i didn't evn wanna smoke
  15. this guy i know only smokes stress because hes cheap and he swears its the same high haha...but he gave me some one time and i hit it once than left it sitting in my room for almost a year i think...nasty
  16. The Fucking Incredible I've had here in Southern California definitely lived up to it's name (positively speaking). Sorry to hear you got some bunk or a badly grown batch. :(
  17. the worst strain ive got when i thought I was getting way better was an effing quap of "purple dragon sweet tooth" it was pretty shitty. Made for a shitty smoke of a lot of weed :/

    worst strain ever? someone grew some bagseed shit in a field.. it was 100 an o haha. we blazed about a pound of it.
  18. lol i've gotten f#*ken incredible before too and it was dank, i've also had purple dragon and sweet tooth and those were dank too lol sorry you guys got bad batches but when they're properly grown they're all excellent strains.

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