What's the weirdest place you've hotboxed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Devastator31, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. When i'm with my friends it's always funny to hear about the different places they've boxed it up

    one time we found this coffin at my Uncles house so we each took one and hot boxed the shit out of them with some purple urkle!:smoking:
  2. one time me and the homies hotboxed this girls doghouse. we all crawled in this lil ass dog house and hotboxed the shit out of it. it was some juicy fruit too :smoke:
  3. inside of a coffin.

    i was buried alive and wanted to toke up one last time..

    beat that. :laughing:
  4. paintbooth. it was way too large, so i just turned on the fans and cleared it in .5
  5. In an small ass storage closet on my friends deck. it nails poking thru so if u lean on the wall it will poke u LOL. And my pickup truck. trucks are the best to hotbox due to the small space imho.
  6. i toked like 4 bowls in a panic room once
  7. either an elevator or the front desk of my dorms.
  8. a hefty bag.... :eek:
  9. This random cave in the forest where the bums sleep... its a damn nice cave though
  10. I got a lot of bed sheets and made a couch tent and hotboxed that
    it sucked
  11. when I was living on my familys farm I would hot box our tractor all the time way out back in the fields. Air conditioned sound proof cab, cranked up tunes, and some thick ass smoke, Very good times.
  12. when i lived in NY, it was always fun building a makeshift igloo with my friends when it snowed enough for the soul purpose of hotboxing it lol.
  13. again, i can already see this tunning into one of those threads that smell like bullshit from the second you enter the site. still amazes me that people try to impress people they meet on the internet.
  14. Why even post if you are going to be a dick? Nobody is trying to impress anybody, every post on here talks about a legitimate place to hotbox.

    My weirdest place was a golf cart. My friend made a joke about hotboxing it (sicne its so open) and one of my other friends was like 'I bet we can make it happen with saran wrap'

    so we picked up some saran wrap from my house and used 1 1/2 rolls to completely cut off airflow, and hotboxed it.

    It worked well but I think the smoke was getting let out somewhere because the smoke kept getting thinner. We were happy with it though.

    Need pics FrankDaDick?

    EDIT: Oops, I mean tank. My bad.
  15. I made a fort under my Dorm room bed (lofted as high as it could on the lower rack) surrounded by blankets. me and 3 other people fit under there and smoked a fat blunt.

  16. tent in a forest
  17. Few years back I was wandering around NYC with a friend, we picked up some McDonalds and decided we wanted to christen some new bowls we just picked up but had no idea where to smoke. Outside the McDonalds was one of those big plastic maze playpen things, you know the ones. For some reason it was closed off with yellow tape, so we climbed up to the top and smoked in one of the "bubbles" overlooking a sidewalk.

    It wasn't 100% enclosed, but who cares haha.
  18. fish bowl putt it over my head toked away it wa scool there wer eliek 3 of us in a base ment with cloudy heads
  19. Your mom's room.
  20. back of like a mini
    18 wheeler
    we smoke 2 blunts in there
    between 2 of us
    and a seperate joint each

    it was quite smoky in there


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