Whats The Weirdest Complement Youve Ben Given?

Discussion in 'General' started by lindsay711, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. The weirdest complement i've gotten was on Deviant art when i posted a picture id.
    [​IMG] This is the picture incase u were wondering. 
    And they said word for word: You are pretty and have very smooth armpit.
    o.0 did i just get a complement on my armpits? XD

  2. pretty girl: you know your not nearly as ugly as some of the people at this college
    me: :confused:
  3. I bet your jaw could crush a shelled walnut 
    wtf...what does that even mean! u have a big mouth? XD
  5. You have a really low tolerance to weed, I smoke everyday and I still have like no tolerance to weed.
  6. i look like bruno mars...FUCK BRUNO MARS
  7. You have a nice long neck.
  8. You can spread your toes really far apart
  9. I have a nice nose apparently
  10. I have nice hands. I get it, but its still odd. 
  11. dat asthma.
    i wish i had no tolerance to weed, when did u start smoking?
    ben smoking since i was 15, im 18 now o.o
  13. Doctor told me my veins make me a good candidate for unmentionable abuse... Thanks?

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  14. Well OP, you DO have a smooth ass armpit. Is that thing natural or did you get some sort of enhancement surgery? Your armpit looks so flawless.
  15. You don't look like a serial killer today!
  16. I could be a foot model.

  17. I was told that I have nice knees by a girl once... Lol.
  18. i like the way your eyelashes flap in the wind
  19. You look like neil patrick harris.

  20. I'm 4'11 and some guy was like "I was always a big fan of tinkerbelle and you kinda remind me of her"
    lol wut 

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