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What's the usual markup?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sad Panda, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. What do dealers usually make in profit as a percentage of the money they paid for the herb? I was just curious.
  2. Nobody knows? Rats.
  3. I've never dealt, but I know there's no straight answer for your question. It all depends on certain variables. Usually, if you buy in bulk you save, so the more you buy, the more profit.
  4. i grow myself so i make 100% profit... my friends brother deals and he buys ounces for around $200 (around $7 per gram?) from a good hookup. He then sells them as 1.2g dubs for $20, making around $12 per gram... hope that helps?...
  5. not that it was me;; but I knew a dealer who would get 4oz of good columbian for 400 us dollars and then sell the stuff for 25 an eighth 50 a quarter, 90 a half and the big deal 150 an oz.

    Also that same person got mexican brick for 600 a pound (chicago prices if you know mexicans) and sold it for 20 a quarter 40 a half and 60 per oz. This price was really low for the suburbs he was from so even though the quality was not the best people appreciated being able to get a bunch of grass for so cheap; It still got you blasted with a fatty.

    I also know someone, nowhere near being me, who grows grass, lets his friends know it is him growing, and still charges 60 an eighth 400 an ounce in USA dollars, even though I was his buddy I stopped paying that shit price. It was good smoke but 400 an ounce? How the hell could anyone make markup on that and even get a free quarter for themselves?
  6. Many simple dealers pay about 10 a gram(if they buy 1 ounce of good bud). They turn around and sell them for about 20 a gram. So you wanna make a little less than double what you pay, after all is sold and done.

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