whats the trippiest song?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by viper9, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. alright. what do you people think the trippiest song is?

    i think either pink floyd - time, or swisha house - ecstacy (a remix of bone thugs n harmony - ecstacy, really fucking hard to find) but i dont listen to that much music.
  2. Pink Floyd-Welcome to the Machine-the throbbing trips me out every single time...
  3. oh ya and another one is rammstein - mein herz brennt

    cant understand them but its badass
  4. pink floyd : Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict

    or maybe on the run or any colour you like.
  5. Pink Floyd - I'm going to cut you into little pieces.

    and pretty much everything from The Wall.
    hmm... i don't think Dark Side of the Moon is a trippy album. it's more just, so fucken wierd that it's great when you're blazed.

    a lot of The Gathering's stuff I find quite trippy.
  6. Slip Like Space by Armor for Sleep
    Not so much the music but the lyrics are out there
  7. If you are into rap and have a system that can pump out some bass I recommend Ice Cubes My Summer Vacation.

    The song literally grips you and makes you dance along with it, i'm normally a person who chills to pink and trips, but when I want to move around, I turn on My Summer Vacation and get ready for some high quallllity trippin


  9. hallucinogen - gamma goblins part 2
    made for one thing, to be tripy
  10. Smoke Dat Weed by three 6 mafia. The bass line is so tight and about half way through the song it gets all trippy. It's made for being high or trippin.

  11. If you're looking for trippy music, you should check out anything by Kraftwerk. They always make me and my friends trip out when we're token.
  12. Phish - First Tube very trippy song
  13. I've had some crazy times when stoned off my ass and zoning out listening to rammstein. You accidentally turn the sub up a little too much and it almost immobilizes you. :D fun.
  14. A lot of bass music and Techno has some trippin trebble.

    Check out...

    Bass Mechanic - Bass Rave (The Trip)
    Bass 305 - Ultimate Car Audio Software
    DJ Hydro - Trippin the trance
    Aphex Twin - (Lots of their stuff)
    Nintedo themes - Freaky Flow

    Thats just a few. A lot of nintendo remixes i love. If you are used to a ton of bass in your music (like 140 Dbs in your subs) then try putting the bass where you can barely hear it. If you arnt used to a lot of bass, try it with a lot of bass.

    I used to have a system in my car hitting 150+ Dbs. Boomed all around. One day i sat at my computer and actualy listened to the bass tracks with little amounts of bass (a sound quality mode) and WOW you hear so much you never would have before... its.... trippy....
  15. Also, Planet Caravan, especialy the pantera cover... love it!
  16. Lil Jon and the east side boyz-get Low, NICE BEAT, best when ur blazed tho jus makes u wanna dance like the Dr. Jekyl said about my summer vacation
  17. anyone listen to telepopmusik? they have some really trippy stuff.
  18. lucy in the sky with diamonds
  19. im just wondeirng if anyone else noticed...

    L ucy in the S ky with D iamonds

    ...........LSD.... i don tknow if they meant to do that but its weird ass shit to think about. i mean come on. someone named lucy flying around with diamonds. sounds fun. :D

    anyway, KMFDM - anarchy is another badass song while blazed.
  20. kotton mouth kings - elavated sounds or four two zero

    pretty badass

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