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Whats the time?

Discussion in 'General' started by aniutushka, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Toronto - 3:34AM. Can't fall asleep What's on ur watch?
  2. NYC- 3:51 about to smoke, jack off then watch Family Guy. Or jack it first.... can't decide lol
  3. 11:27 am here...
  4. It's time to get ill!
  5. 5:52am - can't sleep, too early to smoke? Naahh
  7. UK, 11.01. Merry christmas.
  8. Worth sparkin' up another joint at 3:40am? If I did I'd stay up until like 6am or 7am lol.. And I already opened presents ;D
  9. 345 am here in seattle riiiight MEOW:smoking::smoking:

  10. fuckit YOLO:p:p

  11. I agree :D Merry Christmas
  12. 7:02 am. Lying awake in bed for close to 3 hours now. Can't smoke bc I'm at my parents house... Bout to go open all my presents and re wrap them for some entertainment

  13. That sounds boring imo. lol and you should have brought some for Christmas! :D
  14. 7:35 am. can't sleep anymore but no one else is awake to open stockings with so i'm just hangin.

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