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What's the smarter thing to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Symphony, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I'm not really an apprentice toker, but I admit, I have never tried this:

    I wanna smoke in my room, late at night, while everyone is sleeping.

    These are my options:
    Roll a joint (very smelly, but easy to hide) and blow smoke out the window, with a sploof.

    Use my bubbler, and blow smoke out window with sploof.

    Or, risk it all, and try to go out back, without waking anyone, and blaze out there.

  2. Bubbler and sploof combo should work fine as long as you don't torch it. When the weed keeps burning after you take a toke, that produces a pretty strong smell and the sploof obviously won't help with that.
  3. True, I was planning on extinguishing the bowl, after each hit. So the cherry doesn't stink the place up.

    I'm kinda considering just popping the screen off my window, and smoking on the roof.
    (two story house)
  4. Depends on how loud opening the window/removing the screen is gonna be. Might not be worth it. Just exhale close to the screen. Hell I smoke cigs out my bedroom window and none of my family knows. Use a fan if you have one, and a good air freshner like febreze.
  5. Alright man, I'll give it a try tomorrow night.

    I'm already tucked in bed, and too lazy to go get my shit together haha :)

    My biggest concern with Dr. Hooch (My bubbler), is when I'm done smoking him, I immediately clean him out, so I have to try and stay quiet as I empty out the smelly water, and rinse him out a few times.

    I'll do my best, and I'll letcha know how it goes :)

  6. haha, you said tucked in. that's cute.

  7. you dont need to clean it out right away. You can just empty out the water and bad it a special way. Take a plastic bag, and insert your bubbler, wrap the bag around it, twist it at the top of the bubbler, and tie it making an tight seal, do that 2 times, then wrap it in a towl or something and that avoids the risk of the sound of water running
  8. What you do is buy the biggest soda bottle you can, and drink the soda.
    Then, push all the air out of it.
    Then, every time you take a hit, you let it go into the bottle, each time will fill it up a little more and then in the end if you're careful you'll have a smell free room, and a bottle of smoke for later.
  9. I just put my fan on and open the window and just turn off my fan before I go to sleep and the smell is long gone.
  10. I would suggest making a light bulb vaporizer. They make very little smell so you'd just have to let your room air out for a little bit and you'd be fine. Plus they are easy to make and use very very little weed.
  11. Then his parents will think he's smoking a meth/crack pipe if they see him.
  12. Well I was assuming that he won't get caught, but yes, that is a valid concern.
  13. I would suggest the bubbler sploof combo. It won't leave as bad a smell as the joint, not only that but I always liked bubblers better than joints, so I guess I'm a little biased :D.
  14. Bubbler + sploof is how I do it and it works. I'd suggest some hemp wick if you can get it, just so you don't have a smoking bowl.
  15. i smoke in my living room like 4 hours before my dad gets home from work, and i open all the windows and doors. it ends up being like 4 windows and 2 doors, so the breeze effectively clears it all out. i think a night with the window open in your room should do the trick. stick a towel under the crack of your door and get a little personal fan and point it out the window.

    or just go out back and chill.
  16. Go in the backyard
  17. If everyone is sleeping you should be able to smoke in your room without a problem. I do. I mean I put a towel at the bottom of the door and make sure the door is closed and just smoke a bowl in bed. If you wanna be safe just blow it out the window. Yeah, your room will probably smell like weed but I guarantee that if you blow it out the window, leave the window open and a fan on and your room will smell fine once you wake up in the morning.
  18. I just cover the bottom crack of my dorm door with a towel, only smoke a spoon or bong, and then febreze when done. Even my roommate's room right outside mine doesn't get hit with the smell. Works wonders, just can't do a joint/blunt in a dorm cause that's Way too much smoke. :smoke:

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