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what's the sketchiest situation you've ever been in...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DecoRasta27, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. well i've gotta say this is by far the sketchiest situation i have ever been in and i never plan on doing anything like it again. And before i say this, at the time i was blazed as fuck and we needed herb and i know it was some dumb ass shit. We pull up at our boys work and he tells us to wait outside by his car. We get to where he works and pull up a couple spots down from his truck. Theres a cop sitting a row over from us facing our way, he couldn't see us thanks to a few cars but we let our boy know and hes like its straight hes there all the time. He comes to the car and gets the money and proceeds to go to his truck and weigh our shit out in plain view of the 5-0. Brings our bag over and hes like, ive never seen him sit this close to my truck somethin might be up, drops the bag in the floor we roll out and luckily nothing happened. that's def. something i never plan on doing again though but we got lucky as shit
  2. Lol, he started weighing it out infront of the cop?
  3. What a genius!:)
  4. sounds like he was just trying to 'be hard,' then he realized what a dipshit he was being and got scared. don't be afraid to speak up when your friends say something is fine when you have your doubts. uh, one time i went to a park to score some bud for cheap. i got busted. that time was "sketchy."
  5. Me and a couple of were picking up in a In N Out parking lot and my friend goes over to the dealer (also a good friend) and takes a few bong rips and I can hear them coughing a few cars down. My friend walks out of the car with an ounce in his hand walking all nonchalant
  6. hmm i just remmber this now..but i had a lot of weed on me and i was in school because i was going to a friends house after.. well i had a sub in this one class so i decided to go smoke a bowl in the bathroom..and well i did and the bathroom reeked and the bell rang but it was a double period class so i got the fuck outa there when the bell rang.. and when back into my class.. and omg i did the biggest weed burp and saw the smoke and it was right infront of this girl and the sub.. and i was like ohhh shit im dead.. and i just remained silent and noone said anything.. but then the girl goes eww it stinks over here.. and i guess it was a ghost burb lmao i thought i was dead the sub was right behind me.. then i went to lunch next period and my anti-weed friends said that the bathroom on the second floor reeked and that everyone was coming out of there laughing.. and i got scared that the school was gonna check the cammras..but nothing happened.. thats the last time i smoke in school too much paranoia..haha
  7. it was my first time about to smoke up
    well we stopped at the dealers house i had the paranoia going well bad and was shitting myself waiting there . But my mates bro got the hash and there was 6 of us on our motorbikes 3 or 4 people carrying lots of hash. Then out of no where pig sirens go up i fucking shit myself and flew down the lanes . Luckily my mate found went to this pot party and turned out one got stopped for a broken headlight so it was all good but very scary
    Dont fly 2 high
  8. lol ill pull a funny one outa my head from a long time ago.. my friends live by a elementry school and we always use to skate there in the fall.. well we went to the front of the building and there was a speaker box that u i think u talked into or pushed to open the front doors..but at the time i thought it was a speaker box and i still do i think lol.. well i pushed it and started asking for a cheese buger and a large fri and shit.. it was 9pm so noone was there.. untill i saw the janiter down the hall and thought hey wouldnt it be a great idea to bash my board agianst the glass too see if he would hear it.. well i did and my friends called me a dumbass and all ran away and i stood there for a while and then ran away, i took a peak down the hall and saw him like 50ft away with a broom stick and was like O SHIT and ran as fast as i could while i was baked as fuck.. i ran to where my friends were in this dark spot with all these trees and looked at the front and waited.. then all these bright white lights flashed on and it hurt my eyes.. then we saw him and he was screaming and swinging his broom stick asking us to come out and we laughed.. i feel bad for the guy now :(.. so then down the road we saw these cars with yellow/orange lights and i remembered them from halloween when the cops came to the school.. and said to everybody that we had to leave now and we hod in these big ass bushes and just watched the jainiter explain to the cops or w/e they are what happened and all of our adrenaline was crazy from all the running idk not really a scary experience but i funny one///adderall typed this..
  9. Probably sitting in the passenger seat of my friends car while I was hitting his bong that was in my lap while we were at a stoplight and right as I pop my head up and blow the smoke out a cop pulls up right next to us, luckily he was turning right and probably didn't realize what was going on.

  10. Something like that happened to me man,

    I was in art class and we had a sub and theres this supplies closet. I had an idea. I packed my chillum and went in there and took a feww hits with out letting any smoke out. When i came out my buddy saw me and knew what i was doing. he asked for the chillum and he went in and took a few hits. when he walked out the chillum was still cherried and leaving a smoke trail as he walked. then the teacher asked him a question and he just coughed and let out a huge puff of smoke but somehow she didnt notice!! I was getting so sketched out. then He went back to his seat and took another hit and blew it outunder the table. like 10 seconds later this girl says to the sub" i smell marijuana" and the sub gets up and starts sniffing and discovers the closet. Shes asking who was smoking in there and everyone looks at me im denying so bad. then the bell rang and i booked it out of there. never got in trouble thank god.
  11. god damn that sounds sketchy, smoking inside a closet at schoo, on time at the skate park i was fuckin fried out of my mind i mean i had a quarter ounce in me, well i was already pretty much dead hahaah and my friends went to go burn a J but i didnt want to because i was so fried, they go behind the half pipe and there are like 10 parents like 10 feet away, talk about how stupid they were, like 15 min later 3 cops come to the park and for some reason my name got brough up they were going around the park asking where a kid named nick was as well as 5 other kids, i dunno how they knew my name, but i had 2 grams on me and papors, thank god the cops didnt nkow what i looked like and no one snitched me out, right in front of 3 cops, (my eyes were red as fuck) and i walk right out of the park, my dealer who had 2 ounces on him had to talk to the cop which was pretty sketch to, all the stoners in (about 15) run out and get the first bus to up town, sketchy shit
  12. shit there was another situation i forgot to mention, me and about 4 other kids went to a parking garage and burned in it, my dealer comes in the nick of time and says (god damn guys i can smell that shit from a mile away, so we put the shit out and walk out, 5 seconds later cops roll by, we all jumped on our boards and skated away, they talked to one of my friends saying not to skate here) but if my dealer hadnt of came we would have been fucked!
  13. Last week on a school field trip, I smoked on a tour bus with my class.

    I draped a jacket over me and propped it up with my leg. I took a hit and it cherried bad and the kid next to me said "I saw smoke" and then the girls behind me said "I smell smoke" and I said that my shoe had been melted a bit by a heater so it smelled weird. Thank god they're straightedge and know nothing because they believed it.

    I could have been expelled.
  14. if any of you dipshits ever get caught, i won't feel any sympathy. i love the whole stoner acceptance that we all have for each other and looking out, etc. but if you do dumbass things like that in class, or in the bathroom - you deserve what you get.
  15. Yowch, dude! How did that happen? Hope / guess you're O.K now, though.

    Sketchiest situation I've ever been in... Not really sure. Sorry!
  16. My friend has a storage garage about 10 feet from a huge ass movie theatre. So we went in there and hotboxed the fuck out of it with a hookah and 2 foot bong and after about 20 minutes we hear a knock on the garage and the guy says "this is the police we smell marijuana open up!!" and we threw the bong on top of these sheets and ran out the back door they had and jumped this huge as gate and I got all these bruises and shit. I don't know if it was really cops but my friend thinks it was just some neighbor joking around...
  17. damn lol man that is so damn awesome well check this out

    we were smoking at my freinds house and were like great this his little sister walks in wiht his mom there like wtf is tat smell im like uhh thoese damn enchalidas lol and great

    Don't be a clit... Pass that shit!
  18. I once smoked a bowl outta the band room closet and blew the smoke into a vent. The vent led to a math class and they never figured out how it smelled like that in that class. I was worried, but I never got caught.
  19. i work at this movie theatre and, one day i come to work and my managers just like ohh yea so were gonna drop tabs tonight, free acid i couldnt deny it so anyway we freid stayed in the theatre all night and watched the grudge like 3 times, anyway so its like 6 in the morning and were all still frying a little, and im down in the lobby with my manager, and 3 cops pull up right infront of the theatre and get out and start walking to the door, theres like 7 people frying balls empty beer bottles everywhere pipes buds, anyway so i bust out the vacum and start looking like im cleaning shit, and my manager tells them were the morning cleaning crew, and they belived it, but they hung out outside for like 20 more minutes, i think thats what tripped me out the most, that was pretty fucken sketch.
  20. today i picked up a couple grams of purple haze in a video store parking lot and there we cops n people everywhere. the other guy was a crip n was acting all big n bad n stood there in plain view n handed to me..i took it and got outta ther cuz that guys a known drug dealer and robber....sketch as hell but the dudes got the best weed at a really cheap price....sorry if this dont make sense i just smoked half of it to my face

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