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  1. i watered them yesterday and today they looked like this. some of the other plants have been showing signs of light green on the edges but i dont know why can someone help me please

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  2. need more info, did you feed it with last watering? Whats your PH? what soil/nutrients are you using?
  3. well i watered them saturday 10 cups each bucket at a 6.3 PH and on monday i watered them 5 cups each (the soil wasnt fully dry) with the nutrients. i am using happy frog organic soil. I am using advanced nutrients. its my first grow and for the past 4 weeks i have been underwatering them i was only giving them 3 cups each assuming it was enough so they were always wilting and what not. saturday i gave them the proper water dosage and they instantly looked healthy but i did notice the top of the leaves were like curled down and when you go to straighten them they flop upward so i heard that could be from over watering but im not sure.
  4. If it happened after giving it nutrients then it's probably nutrient burn. You should give it half strength the first feeding.

    Sounds like your not watering exactly right, the proper way is to let the soil dry out, stick your finger in the soil and feel 2 inches down if you feel moisture let it keep going. Once it's dry, you almost flood it with water. How big of pots are you using? I have 5 gal pots and use 3 gal of water each watering.
  5. i have 5 gallon pots as well... the gallons of water depends on how many plants you have though... so i would say 10 cups per plant is that to much?? also i have given them half strength that was the first time i gave them full strength. I will take pictures tomorrow and see how they look. Your scrog grow is sweet man. i did low stress training on mine...
  6. nono, 3 gals of water per 5 gal pot.

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