Whats the postal service with no dogs

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  1. lets just say hypothetically i wanted to send a twomp to my brother across the country for a xmas present, i know one of the major postal services dont use dogs...anyone know which one?? Of course this is all just talk nothing is real :D
  2. no way man not going to hapen if it was like that alot of peaple would be doin it
  3. If you really want to do it, here's how:

    Get a big jar of peanut butter. Open it and carefully remove the foil.(You'll need it later)

    Scoop out most of the PB leaving about 1" around all the sides. Save some of the PB.

    Double bag your shipment and put it in.

    Cover the bag with PB and try to smooth it down as much as possible.

    Turn on the stove and heat the PB to make it look smooth and melted, like it hasn't been touched before.

    Get the foil, add a little super glue to the edge and put it back on. Put a drop of superglue on the lid to make sure it stays shut.

    Send the PB along with some crackers or cookies as a "Care Package"

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