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Whats the place around your dealer like?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokin', Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Do you buy from the hood? A poor neighborhood? Rich neighborhood? Does he/she have a good career NOT selling weed?
  2. uh, college area as all my dealers go to college with me...

    my old dealer managed a used DVD store, but that was also in the college area...
  3. My dude lives in a university residence. Not really the hood, the school is in a pretty good area of town. The area around his place is what you'd expect of a university res really.
  4. Both my dealers in college live in the same apartment complex as me. haha. It takes longer to go get a blunt, then to pick up my sack (don't even take my car to pick up haha). When I am back home, my dealer goes to HS, but his parents do pretty well. He lives in a nice neighborhood.
  5. "A" frames chalets on the hill and look over the water, a pricey place. It isnt the hood, we dont have poor neighborhoods in our area, mostly white and closed mouth.
  6. My dealer's surroundings is a freetown like Christiania; Christiania's country-cousin in the north ;)
  7. west dayton. if anyone even knows ohio
  8. he delivers in a car and i usually meet him halfway

    but i used to make trips to inner city los angeles to get some mexibrick in my younger days
  9. I have dealers in 500 buck a month apartments, ranging to multimillion dollar houses. Most of them are in apartments, most have two, one for growing and one for living. I also have a few wealthy friends who cop atleast an ounce every two days of headies so they sell me what I want when they feel they have enough headsmoke for the night, normally atleast a quater between two people.
  10. i used to meet this one kid almost everyday at a bowling alley...but most of my deals go down in the inner city..aka ghetto....cuz my dude that grows it in his house always has ounces
  11. Yeah I used to live in Centerville. Dayton was an ok place. Toledo before that. Man Ohio's laws are so much better than Virginia's...
  12. My dude is almost always at work when I hit him up. He works at a restaurant and keeps his stash in his trunk. But hes in school too and lives in an apartment a few miles from me in a nice area of town.
  13. It looks an awful lot like my house. It's like a deja vu thing every time I go to pickup from myself.
  14. I go into the hood. in and out of a jeep. DONE! mad cool guy though, i hate dealers that act like they are the shit.
  15. ^ yea dont like cocky dealers ........ pretty wealthy area around here in minnesota ...... also have a house in florida on a lake in a gated neighborhood ...... where ill be growin soon :smoking:

  16. lmfao
    i envy that. ;-]
    My dealer is an asshole he likes to ignore my calls. The only reason I buy from his poor ass is because he has fire for a decent price.
  17. Jesus, enough of these dealer threads?

    Next ones going to be "What color hair does your dealer have"
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    I buy from my buddy that lives next door. Well like a 1/4 mile away(We both live out in the country in a neighborhood, really chill!!!). But he usually chills w/ me at my crib. But i def need a new hydro dealer. Slim pickings around here...
  19. I really am starting to feel sorry for you. Almost everything you have to say in every post is a trolling comment or just general thread crapping on people. I can't fathom what caused you to be such an unhappy person that you have to lash out at others in order to dull your own pain.

    I do hope you get the help you need man. I don't like seeing anyone suffering like you obviously are.
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    I would give u some rep but they wont let me!!! BASS TURDS

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