What's the penalty in Colorado for possession or possibly selling pot as a minor?

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  1. A friend of mine was arrested and put into handcuffs for selling I believe. I'm not saying this person was and I'm not saying this person wasn't selling because I honestly don't know for certain. This person is a minor (17 years old) and was arrested outside of school. Technically not on school grounds. There is a hill students are allowed to smoke on because it's not considered ditching but it's also not considered school property. This person is 17 years old, and had maybe a QP in the car when the cops pulled up. Could this person face 24 years? I live in Colorado (not saying which city). I've heard a bunch of things as far as the jail sentence. I've also heard of just a fine or community service. I'm very worried. Does anybody know what the penalty is for possession or possibly selling as a minor in Colorado? If anyone knows, please reply to this forum.

  2. Listen kid be honest, your the person who was caught. It's fine. I mean your going to be facing some jail time if you had a qp unless you miraculously have a medical card or this is your first offense your friend could be looking at about a year and 2-3 years of probation. Here in texas my brother got caught with a half ounce and got 18 months probation as his first major offense.
  3. No dude. I'm dead serious. I wasn't the one who was caught. This was really a friend. Somebody I've grown to care about even after knowing him for a few weeks. I've been worrying about it like crazy which is why I posted this. I'm pretty sure this was his first offense. Would he still face jail time? If so, how long? Btw, I'm not a he. haha.
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    If you're under 18, you'll get a slap on the wrist and some juvie probation.
    Hell, I was arrested four different times when I was seventeen for a combined total of twelve different charges (assaults, destruction of property, retail theft, etc... no drug charges, though) and I only spent a week and a day in lockup. That's the grand total, not the time spent with each arrest.

    They gave me 30 days of house arrest on two separate occasions. I didn't have an ankle bracelet, and the trackers didn't come after 9, so I was constantly leaving my house.

    I fucked off my probation so hard that it was extended until I was 21 (the beginning of this year).

    I ended up lucking out and getting a brand new judge's first case for my last charge and talked my way off probation. All I had to do was pay a $200 fine.
    The only charge I had on my record was the one contempt of court that I received after turning 18, and that was expunged when I paid my fine and had my probation severed.

    Then again I'm in Utah, and I'm pretty sure that was just one of those very rare times in my life where I am, literally, one of the luckiest people alive.
  5. Gosh I can only hope man. Let's hope this kid is as lucky. Colorado laws are about the same as Utah I believe.
  6. I'm sure your friend will end up facing a week or two in jail and probation time or just a slap on the wrist and a fine. However if he was caught selligpng with a half pound and they consider it selling hell definently get a few months. And if it was on school grounds...ha he's fucked.
  7. I can tell you that if he's not 18, he won't be charged as an adult (unless the crime is violent in nature) and he won't spend a second in jail.
    Juvenile detention, however, is a real possibility. Sucks if it comes to that, because juvie is worse than jail and prison. (I don't know from personal experience but I have quite a few friends that do. That's where I get my basis for that statement.)

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