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What's the "Nirvana" section?

Discussion in 'General' started by Valient, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Im very curious about this. and i completely understand if it's "classified", i know you have to make a donation to access it.

    and also, i was using the search button, and it said something about the "child forums". GC is 18+, right? well why is there a child section?

  2. I know the nirvana section is for donors but I've never heard of the child forums. Sounds like something for growing or something. There's also the VIP forums for the special members :D
  3. Nirvana is where we get together and conspire to ban and intimidate regular members into succumbing to our every whim.
  4. It's just another section for members who donated. Apparently there's a pic thread in there and whatever.
  5. You will never believe what's in the Nirvana section.

    You're missing out, my friend.
  6. Silence, you fool!

    What we do in Nirvana must never reach the ears of mere peasants.
  7. naw man, thats the VIP forum, nor Nirvana.:rolleyes:
  8. I guess I'm not a VIP then. :(
  9. Nirvana is an extra forum for people who are kind enough to donate and help the city grow.

    There most definitely isn't a child forum. Maybe you are confusing it with ' Apprentice Tokers'. A forum for new smokers. But the rules are still 18+
  10. Just to expand a bit on child forums...It's just another name for a sub forum. For instance, we have a category/forum called 'recreational marijuana use', the child forums would be toking tools, stash jar, etc...;)

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