whats the most uve spent

Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. i was just wonderin what prices others are spending on drugs a week, ive gotten high as 100ish around there.

    its nothin special but it get the job done for me.
  2. the ms and i smoke too much...sometimes more than 140$...

    but there are ways to make some of that back...
  3. keke ( cough ) keke (couch6) (arkkkk0$$)
  4. I typically spend about $25-$30 a week.. but it's just me smoking.. I'm sure if I had help, I'd be spending MUCH more!!!
  5. Yeah, about 25 here. I just ran out, hope I get some before the weekend, I just had a week off and I smoked myself out too much, hahaha.

  6. ha !
    i wish i could only remember....

    sometimes 3 days benders take their tolls......along with your debit/atm card ....

    honestly if i could give you a # i would... but im guessing upon single consumption rate in one night.. i woulda spent about $300....
  7. Probably no more than £30 in a week on cannabis but add alcohol so probably around £40 is the most i've spent, maybe this weekend though might be different...we are finishing school for halloween and my friend's having a party on monday...that's after the weekend, so here's to a smoking weekend.
  8. the most ive spent is around $300 (i split buying a pound with my "friend"...he not my friend anymore cuz of what he did with that pound) but on average $25-30 bucks
  9. What he did with that "pound"
    I'd say I spend about 20-40 a week
  10. in a week... i say me n sum friends spend well over 200 bux..
  11. oooo, quite abit these last months. probably 20-40 a day.
  12. I usually spend about 30 bucks a week, but i usually grab on fridays and smoke it all on the weekend, so its really like 30 bucks a weekend.

  13. yeah what did he do with that pound, just keep it and sell it?
  14. I made a mistake in my previous post.

    Before i payed £80 at one go for a nice lump of hash.
  15. 100 a week if i buy any,i grow my own so i smoke like a champ...lol
  16. most 120 for an ounce - yay!!!!1one

    Usually 20-30$ a week.
  17. The most I've ever spent period was splititng half a pound of mids with a friend, $800.
    Before I got busted I'd usually smoke for free just buying an ounce a week and selling until I broke even. Then I'd have the rest to smoke or sell. Now I usually just spend 25-50 every two weeks.
  18. umm i forgot about this post...but ok we bought the pound to go on this huge camping trip that was the next weekend...ok so i trusted him to keep it safe (i was still living with my parents...so i doubt i coulda kept it hidden) and so when I get there with him, he has about qp left, he sold most of it and smoked some of it with his "other friends"...so as soon as i found this out i punched him in the face, said fuck you im never talkin to you again, and i never talked to him again...oh and i think i may have taken what was left of it...but i dont remember (i hope i did, if i ever remember that i didnt, i would hate myself for about a half hour)
  19. I usually spend about $250 a month. I figure I go through a little more than an 1/8th a week. But I just got fucked over for $300 by some cokehead.

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