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what's the longest you've gone without smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stayhuman87, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. so i lost my previous job about three weeks ago and had to stop smoking,(around here, everyone who pays anything worth a damn will wave a piss jar in your face) Keep in mind i've been a daily smoker for about a year or so. I'm really lean, so the thc doesn't stay with me that long. Long story short, i pissed clean after an interview and have a great job now, but my first paycheck won't be until the 25th.anyways, i'm gonna be sober for a month now, and i've never been sober that long unless i wanted to be.

    so this is my question. what's the longest you've been forced to be sober and for what reason?
  2. its hard to say but ive smoked everyday for the last 8 months
  3. one month was the longest i have gone without smoking,and thats because i didnt have money that whole month
  4. Forced... probably like 4-5 days, but T-Break... 5 weeks.
  5. Yeah I've managed to smoke every single day for just over a year now. pretty fuckin' wild lol
  6. Probably a week. I'm taking a break after the sack I got tonight (maybe).
  7. bout 7 weeks now and counting. New city, no hookup
  8. months. i smoke when i want to, not a daily thing any more.
  9. i iv smoked everyday thing summer, at least 2-3 times at the least, then school started back up, and damn it sucks, i have to go 5 days without smoking, luckly i was able to smoke tonight, but right wen school started, 11 days, i had dreams of rippin a nice small bong and another about sittin around with sum buds smokin perfect j's, 11 days is too long, cause the weekend i was dry so i just got drunk, passed out before they started smokin
  10. forced 5 weeks intense survival camping in northern california.

    t break, 3 years
  11. since ive started smoking daily? maybe a week at most, probably less tho, im goin on 4 days right now actually, the first 2 days were really difficult but it gets easier.
  12. 3 days since i started smoking everyday 2 years ago
  13. just started smoking this summer at camp. smoked pretty much every night. i haven't had any connections back home until this past weekend. and I lived it up. didnt come down for 4 days. man i missed that shit.
  14. in the past 7 years no longer than two days at a time, and I can only remember that once when we went to big bear a few years back. I vacation up in Nor Cal where ive got life long budds who have grown up to be some potheads too so I can stay lit whereever I am....some days its only a bowl or two but hey my bowls are 3 times that of a normal man!!!
  15. i'll smoke every day for a few months then stop for a month or two because being high isn't as fun if you are high all the time so I like to use it in moderation
  16. reading posts about people taking brakes makes me depressed. I smoke everyday for the past 3-4 years. I could def. use a t-break, being high is like my sober. I would really like to take a break . ( just so I can come back ) . Buuuuut we all have problems and its time to load a bowl.
  17. 18 years (I was a late starter ;))
  18. I started smoking daily when I was 15 and now im 21 and the longest I went was when I went to Japan on vacation at for a week. However I was able to locate research chemical psychadelics :p
  19. I quit for two days. Longest I've ever gone.
  20. the first 14 years of my life

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