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What's the longest you've gone without cleaning your main smoking apparatus?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justonemorecone, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. My main bong hasn't been cleaned, ever (about 2 years now). I'm pretty sure the resin has actually chemically bonded with the plastic by now. But in my defense I do clean the stem and cone piece... occasionally.:D
  2. well now that im stayin at the rents I havent been cleaning my bong as much....used to clean it daily, now its more like once every 5 days.....but i still change the water daily. but before I changed the water every few
    oh well, its only temporary.
  3. Nice, though I feel that since my bong is so well-used and never cleaned that the resin imparts some kind of additional high... probably all shit though, probably just risking some kind of lung disease. Oh well =p
  4. I haven't cleaned out my bubbler in about a week now. Probably should get on that, but I'm stoned whenever I think about it.
  5. About 2 month, it is better, I think
  6. Most of the time I switch between compulsively cleaning it, and never cleaning it. There is no middle ground.
  7. Usually I clean my bong every two weeks.
  8. I've got a tiny little pipe, and I'll clean it when I run dry. I'll soak it for a couple of days in diluted Simple Green. Sort of a little enforced t-break before I pick up again.

    Yeah, I know it's gross. I don't care, no one else is hitting it.
  9. i have a mini bong that i just throw in a container of simple green after almost every sesh. the longest it has been dirty was around 2 days.
  10. a week.... after that it gets so resined up i can't even hit it...
  11. Wow I need to get some of you guys cleaning habits. I just cleaned my bowl about a week ago it had been almOst a year
  12. I just went like 2 1/2 months without cleaning my bong. god it was so gross, now its all sparkly clean. but I have never completely cleaned out my dry pipe that I have had for like 2 years now lol, its huge, and hasnt ever gotten really clogged
  13. Honestly like once a week now since I got a carbon filter. I used to do it every other day.
  14. Forever.

    I roll joints :D
  15. I came on this thread expecting highend glass lovers to freak out hahaha, not one though. Yeah ive gone 2 months before with my sheldonblack but that was because i lost my bong buddy but now ive got it :D
  16. Sheldon black deserves more love than that. I usually wait until the water turns a little yellow. Carbon filter makes it stay clean for a while. Nothing better than clean glas <3 <3 :bongin:
  17. has any one heard of an ash catcher? :confused_2:

    i usually go for a week (water only in it when i use it) but thats because i vape more often..
  18. I got my bowl in early January and didn't clean it until sometime in March/April. Now I know that isn't too long for a bowl, but at the time I was literally high almost all day. The piece began tasting AWFUL. Once I cleaned it, weed tasted so I clean it once it fully goes purple.
  19. 2 days, but i still changed water 2 times. its a mini stemline, get dirty real quick....
  20. mainly only use my hitter, and i clean that sumbitch everyday.

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