Whats The Longest Consecutive Time Youve Stayed High?

Discussion in 'General' started by Chinajewelry, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. I've never tried on purpose, but some people I know seem to be going for a record or something :p

  2. Great question. Subbed.
    As for me. I'm a noob, and i MIGHT have been high for a whole day once. Once i get my recommendation in two weeks, who knows :p
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    From smoking once? Or multiple times?! I've stayed high all day smoking bowl after bowl or blunt after blunt. Smoking once? Lolol like 20 minutes?

    Edit, won't change my answer but I just actually really read and saw consecutive. Duh.
  4. A couple months. lol I was living the all day everyday style for a while. 
  5. All off dank or mids?

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  6. 9 months. Literally stayed high. Woke up to the shotgun under my blanket every morning, and fell asleep at night after session. Nothing to smoke but hash. Afghan, Pakistan, Turkish, and the occasional Moroccan.
    About 35 cents a gram at the time. Always carried a 10 gram chunk in my pocket for the day. It was nothing to smoke a gram or 2 in one sitting with 3 or 4 guys - who also carried a nice chunk around in their pockets. Even sent grams home to a few homies. The ones that wrote back got more. This was in Germany. I'd been shipped to the cold war in 1973-74. Europe was a blast and I'd see it again in a heartbeat. But probably wouldn't stay so high the next time.
    I just remembered one exception. During that time we were flown to Crete for 2 weeks. Only had to work for 2 days. Ran out of hash and had to drink Uzo and purchase downers over the counter for 0.10 cents apiece for an entire week. Was good to get back, even if the flight seemed twice as long.
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  7. Er...Let's see; carry the two, move that over there, that...Well, sounds about right actually. 
    Five years strong. :cool:
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  8. Get high stay high
  9. I was high almost my entire junior year of high school. I'd say it was about 7 months of 2 grams a day smoking. If my parents didn't force me to quit, I'd still be going strong.
  10. You really only get high for 20 minutes? I'm not doubting you but to me that seems like a very short time. I'm usually high for 45 mins to an hour at least
  11. Unfortunately, yes & my high sucks. I actually rarely get high anymore, idk why. I guess maybe just a high tolerance and not the best of weed in my area. I've even tried taking long breaks and no change. I've tried smoking until I literally was sick of it, still barley high. The fuck?
  12. This, pretty much for the last 10errrr yea let's just say ten years I've been high with the exception of "cleaning" up for a job. Ya know a Month or two here or there. But when I'm smoking, I'm fun,king high 24/7.
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  13. damn 20 min? try smokin some good or hash  or oils and try eating edibles. edibles that are baked get you baked!
  14. Well I've been high for hours off edibles, but I feel like they're two totally different highs. I dont know anyone with oil and I don't fuck with people I don't know around here because people are whack. I get candies from a friend in Vegas and chocolate bars from my uncle, but I like smoking dammit and want to get HIIIIGH! Maybe I just need some really really dank ass buds.
  15. i have the same opinion, they are 2 diff highs. and yes some exotic ought to do the trick 
  16. 3 months. Would've been longer but it's hard to stay high 24/7 when you're at work and school. But for those 3 moths I had a good amount of money saved and was 2g/day smoker, high all day. I loved it. lol
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  17. Maybe one day, but I'm starting to doubt it. This area has such shit, lol.
  18. what do you usually cop mid or something?
  19. Grow your own. It's not as hard as people would like to think.
    And if inside isn't an option, I know a lot of females that hike up in the woods to grow that dank. :p
  20. Briana, how do you normally smoke? Just wondering? Bong bowl joint, Vape? It makes a big diff ya know!
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